Transfer students need to meet with an academic advisor to review the number of writing-intensive courses required to graduate. ph csueastbay Introduces students to the theory and practice of international organizations.

This course offers students an introduction to international environmental politics. The first part of the course describes and analyzes the US food system, with a focus on regulatory policies and interest group politics.

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Total Credit Hours: 180.0

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See department for details of current offerings. Students produce a research proposal including research question, literature review, and research design. Analysis of contemporary politics in South and Central American, as well as Cuba, with several in-depth country cases.

PSCII299 Independent Study in PSCI 0.0-12.0 Credits, PSCII399 Independent Study in PSCI 0.0-12.0 Credits, PSCII499 Independent Study in PSCI 0.5-12.0 Credits, PSCIT180 Special Topics in Political Science 0.0-12.0 Credits. For additional information, and an up-to-date list of the writing-intensive courses being offered, students should check the Drexel University Writing Center page, 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Research in Political Science, Quantitative Research Methods in Political Science, Power in Protest: Social Movements in Comparative Perspective, The Politics of LGBT Movements and Rights, City in United States Political Development. Examines methods used to compare state political systems with respect to world order values in varying geographic and cultural settings.

0000013590 00000 n %PDF-1.5 % Students scheduling their courses can also conduct a search for courses with the attribute "WI" to bring up a list of all writing-intensive courses available that term. We will study a major theoretical problem: how international organizations attempt to govern a planet made up of self-interested, sovereign states.

Two writing-intensive courses must be in a student's major.

Emphasis will be placed upon both the theoretical and applied aspects of political campaigns. PSCI372 City in United States Political Development 4.0 Credits.

The qualitative research designs considered include small-n historical case studies and process tracing. The Political Science program in the Department of Politics helps students cultivate perspective; develop critical thinking, communication, and data analysis skills; and understand the economic, social, and political systems within which we live and work. In this course we will survey the known and emerging impacts of climate change on cities.

HWK6)(w GM&d){: `~L*ZM^X$S^_7.uGl4$0i'2 ]JkWkWFzn6Jl6P%~v9^tf ="EChrj z!C2.L4]*/.':]{D|STAchUB1}}@4-k1>P?QT]g!R$kqcyB~WeyMi%J{}}now}5O^nLW(_5[;ve> /EX qO2@x4) Lg94}fgmrOq_ $b \EXc5SoU[zh%p= 3250-60 Chestnut Street Business and public utilities offer many lucrative possibilities, and local, state, and federal governments, museums and archives, and law firms present many additional interesting co-op placements. PSCI320 The United States Congress 4.0 Credits. These practical experiences in the real world can reinforce the lessons of the classroom, sharpen skills, and establish important contacts. Along the way we will familiarize ourselves with international institutions designed to manage ozone depletion, ocean resources, and climate change and consider how global environmental issues are intertwined with trade, migration, and national security concerns.

Introduces the Western tradition of political thought, examining a selection of works by major political thinkers.

Select students may be eligible to take COOP001 in place of COOP101. Examines the emergence of judicial review, the judiciary's role in the system of check and balances, and the powers and limitations on each branch of government. Transfer students need to meet with an academic advisor to review the number of writing-intensive courses required to graduate.

0000035026 00000 n A degree in political science prepares graduates to make a difference with successful careers in many sectors of society. Courses are offered in American constitutional law and judicial politics, the comparative politics of legal institutions across countries and regions, and the legal strategies of social movements, such as the movements for civil rights, womens rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, indigenous peoples rights, etc. Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts (BA) The third can be in any discipline. The interdependence of states means that many of these challenges cannot be overcome by local or national policy alone, but rather require international or global solutions. PSCI334 Politics of Environment and Health 4.0 Credits. PSCI240 Comparative Politics II 4.0 Credits.

University requirement is two consecutive courses; the third language course, though listed here, is a departmental requirement. Can be continued as PSCI493. We will survey challenges to collective action, consider interdisciplinary perspectives on why and how international environmental problems emerge, and assess proposed solutions. Political science pairs well with economics, criminal justice, psychology, public health, history, anthropology, communications, or education. "Being named a Forbes Under 30 Scholar reinforced that the work I am doing has made a difference in others lives.".

This course is designed to gain leverage on the processes that explain this rapid global expansion of LGBT rights by surveying an eclectic literature on comparative and transnational LGBT politics. Any Biology (BIO), Chemisitry (CHEM), Geoscience (GEO), Nutrition (NFS), Physics (PHYS) or Environmental Science (ENVS) course.

In addition, we consider contemporary debates and challenges, including the contested jurisdiction of international courts, the immunity of the United Nations, evolving law on humanitarian military intervention, and the fragmentation of international law in environmental affairs, among other topics. The following is a list of some of the jobs you can get with a political science degree: Graduates of Drexels Political Science program demonstrate the range of outcomes that make a political science degree worth it. PSCI305 Social Development: A Global Approach 4.0 Credits.

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The IP track is most appropriate for students who wish to attend law school to focus on international law or graduate school to pursue studies in international relations, as well as students who seek careers in international business, the foreign service, or international organizations like the United Nations or the World Bank. PSCI335 Political Communication 4.0 Credits. We will examine case studies that highlight the interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches used to address urban climate change. Across substantive areas, including matters of security, trade, environmental affairs, and human rights, international law is playing an increasing role in international politics.

How and why have public opinion and laws towards LGBT people changed differently across various countries? Rethinks traditional approaches to political theory by emphasizing study of texts and movements "from below," drawn from both African American and Latin American thinkers. Understanding politics is therefore indispensable for effective environmental problem-solving. 0000013890 00000 n

PSCI371 Science, Technology, & Public Policy 4.0 Credits. PSCI345 Comparative Politics of the Middle East 4.0 Credits.

Pre-law students, for example, are especially eager to see the inside of a law office whether the co-op job they receive is clerical or a more challenging paralegal assignment.

PSCI330 Public Opinion & Propaganda 4.0 Credits. Finally, do movements actually matter for bringing about change? 0000112745 00000 n

Examines the nature and realization of justice over time, with special attention to the ways that justice has been conceptualized and re-conceptualized over time.

PSCI313 State & Local Government 4.0 Credits. 3018 MacAlister Hall Catalog Home > Undergraduate > The College of Arts and Sciences > Minor in Politics.

PSCI375 Politics of Immigration 4.0 Credits. 0000009009 00000 n

See department for details of current offerings.

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Course begins with an overview of major theoretical perspectives and continues with an examination of the United Nations system and its role in security, development, human rights, global health and environmental politics. This course is designed to introduce the students to both the theory and practice of running for political office. They must also place in the top one-third of their class overall. 215.895.2590 |, Associate Director of Programming and Partnerships Academic Building, 311 Drexel offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Visiting us is the best way to get firsthand information about a Drexel education. The material in this course comes from a variety of disciplines and schools of thought with political science serving as an overarching framework.

PSCI353 International Human Rights 4.0 Credits. 0000004299 00000 n

PSCI357 The European Union in World Politics 4.0 Credits. BA in politics students then progress to advanced courses in both statistical inference and other quantitative methods in political science, and in-depth training in qualitative methods such as archival work, ethnographic studies and interviews.

Learn More About Careers with a BA in Political Science. Political science majors learn to carefully analyze information and write with sensitivity to many political and cultural factors.

PSCI223 Comparative Political Thought 4.0 Credits. PSCI140 Comparative Politics I 4.0 Credits. Apply to Drexels BS in Political Science, or visit campus to get firsthand information about a Drexel education. All students also have the opportunity to specialize their coursework by following one of the informal concentration tracks of study detailed below. Academic Adviser 0000011745 00000 n

We examine the definition and causes of armed conflict, before turning to key issues such as civilian coping strategies during armed conflict, common patterns of violence against civilians, legal and policy remedies for human rights violations, and the politics of human rights advocacy. Examines the process of formulating research questions in political science, developing theories with testable implications, and hypothesis testing. 215.895.2463 |, Drexel University, 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 215.895.2000, All Rights Reserved.

What institutions are responsible for regulating hazardous materials? hb``f``f`a`AXzT60 !Q~VSN)Ljiii &X+00U0(*XDh?7:Xv24|@WBXa% . Visiting us is the best way to get firsthand information about a Drexel education. PSCI351 The United Nations in World Politics 4.0 Credits. 0000010487 00000 n Co-op Options: Three Co-op (Five years); One Co-op (Four years)

Human relationships with animals vary by time and place: the same species might be a pet at one time, a food at another, and somewhere else, a model organism for experimental research. Examines Constitutional civil rights claims arising under the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection and due process guarantees.

This class is an introduction to the study of international organizations in world politics, focusing on the United Nations (UN). PSCI220 Constitutional Law I 4.0 Credits. This course is designed to gain leverage on these questions by surveying an eclectic literature from international relations and comparative politics. The overarching theme of this course is the process of globalization, the factors leading to a single world economy tied together by technology, trade, and investment, and the factors keeping up independent economic zones and nations in economic competition and sometimes in open political opposition. 0000002916 00000 n This course is a general introduction to issues posed by the notions of development and progress of societies. Examines public opinion and propaganda from a variety of perspectives, including the process of opinion formation and change and its role in the development of public policy and methods of measurement and analysis of public opinion. Two writing-intensive courses must be in a student's major.

Specially, we will ask: What factors have facilitated the mobilization of LGBT people?

For additional information, and an up-to-date list of the writing-intensive courses being offered, students should check the Drexel University Writing Center page, 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Examines current issues in American foreign policy, including the assumptions underlying policy goals, the means of achieving them, and the decision-making machinery. 0000002531 00000 n

To answer these questions, we will take an in-depth empirical look at movements representing LGBT people and their successes/lossesas well as those of their oppositionacross time and place, from the late 1800s to present day and across the globe. Focuses on three broad questions: Do international organizations matter? Environmental problems increasingly impact the health, wealth, and security of people around the globe. The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Drexel University combines rigorous methods training with issue-specific courses, in which students apply their methodological training to real-world problems. Examines political aspects of environmental health issues. This course examines the politics of human-animal interactions. "kLTWC8cL6W0.rO[X0 6},&U?vQb)61VCc%ZvQ5G)6[4'=3?U \j94MxNv9?j`{[P+ clBP:h5N^p,KP^Q5#& s@,Mu{YNCvtu#a'+WcGDnf`VBel`gKH;s_(9ckMAkz3F^uCdM/gl^d2Ft8B*x$}at4^hd)K+fzzr^#f#]l^I'!e4 ed4mn+Y3mav=60b@2 W4_ym>S9G+km94E~zIA;s ' @ endstream endobj 35 0 obj <>stream It is increasingly accepted that climate change is one of the major threats for human society.

Issues to be discussed include indices of social development, economic growth, and health progress, and their significance in relation to general views on social development and human progress. What determines who is elected to Congress, and who leads once members are in place?

Political science majors at Drexel embark on up to three, six-month periods of employment exploring their career options, strengthening their rsums and building a professional network in the process. contemporary China, the European Union), international organizations, and comparative public policy. s jS\~"0l`M_kgP:$ "hpLQ(9&XEzk+6k3YfYK=QR[0vrtY7&sfocO0/2+3HLI{RMeq dR,v6WHy,{eEpOGVviCFfm'KKI'K97=k1jII-

The LP track is most appropriate for students considering law school, and for those whose research interests include judicial politics, as well as students who seek careers in civil society organizations. Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 45.1001 Please email[emailprotected] or call us at 215.895.1805 with any questions you may have.

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Questions include: When and why do people mobilize to make demands against their states and societies? The course will use a combination of readings, a text, films, lectures, and guest speakers. wzf0> k$fiF ~` }* endstream endobj 27 0 obj <> endobj 28 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 576.0 756.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 29 0 obj <> endobj 30 0 obj <> endobj 31 0 obj <> endobj 32 0 obj <> endobj 33 0 obj [/ICCBased 53 0 R] endobj 34 0 obj <>stream Studies the political process, which determines who gets what, when, and how in society. These three tracks reflect our research and teaching strengths, and are designed to prepare students for a variety of career paths. Topics include: How are laws really made? This course considers theoretical approaches to comparative social movements by closely examining evidence about specific movements.

Examines environmental politics, focusing on the United States. PSCI369 The Politics of Food 4.0 Credits.