The East Lansing Technology Innovation Center is a business incubator for technology startups and professionalsin the Greater Lansing region. Located in the heart of Lansings vibrant business community, One Michigan Avenue is the ideal location for you to welcome clients. Located in the heart of Lansings vibrant business community, One Michigan Avenue is the ideal location for you to welcome clients. Talk about a short commute. You can also define your search area by polygon or radius. Does this still exist? this whole concept is new to me. KDC Completes Independent Financials Dallas HQ, Why Every CRE Borrower Should Know a Debt Fund. in Lansing, MI. Not individuals looking for working space. Commercial Real Estate About Fully stocked with snacks and drinks. Search our selection of This office space on One Michigan Avenue, 120 North Washington Square, Lansing is available immediately. A virtual office provides a physical address and office-related services such as a mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing., Regus: southfield offices oak royal space Sharing for Success :Coworking, shared-space offices range from virtual to vast, Dean Transportation hosting July 13 hiring event in Lansing, No Offense, But Co-workers Top List of Passive-Aggressive People. Meeting rooms are also available, with hourly rates that require the user to seek a quote. This modern, technologically powered and exquisitely furnished contemporary workspace provider offers luxurious and prestigious working environments with an impressive corporate address and is perfect for nearly all businesses or commercial clients. Hey, I know this topic has come up once or twice before, but the most recent post I've seen is over a year old. The staff made it easy to prepare and it was a plus to not have to think about snacks and drinks since the kitchen came stocked. Plus there are no utility bills and free high-speed internet service. Now its a vault for your ideas!

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The fun zone is for breaking up the meeting in a constructive way. This diverse community of professionals and the vibrant environment are conducive to the success and growth of many businesses. A virtual office, depending on the plan selected, includes a professional business address, mail receipt service and discounted conference room rental, plus add-ons such as a local phone number with voicemail and, eventually, personalized live phone reception. Our database includes All prices are based on a 24-month contract, according to the website. Copyright 2000 - 2022. Many coworking spaces offer services such as event space and conference rooms, free wi-fi, virtual business addresses, 24/7 access, pet-friendly policies, printer and fax services, as well as the ability to rent office space by the hour, the day, the month, or long-term. Use our advanced search feature and filters to find the right shared office space, by selecting your desired price, neighborhood, and amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, coffee and tea, printing and scanning services or pet-friendly policies. One of many places in Think Space to create new ideas. This historic space was once a vault. The perfect space for small groups, interviews, and the remote worker. It contains a common workspace for members at 325 E.Grand River Ave. Coworking spaces give some members asense of professionalism and credibilitythat traditional remote working does not. Think Space is specifically designed to help your team have fun and productive meetings. A virtual office at Capitol Hall Executive Offices on Allegan Street in Lansing right across from Boji Tower will enable an entrepreneur to work from home in pajamas, but also have access to professional conference rooms and a mail address just steps fromthe state Capitol without all of thetraditional expenses. Entrepreneurs with great ideas for a startup have many costs to consider in turning a vision into an enterprise. The difference between coworking and traditional offices is that people who work in a coworking space dont usually work for the same company or organization. Companies and individuals who rent workspace at this center can access telecom services. The publication collaborated with WeWork, which provides coworking spaces, to survey more than1,000 of its new individual members in the United States. Also known as coworking, the premise involves renting anything from a virtual office to an all-in private office with sit/stand desks and office furniture. Whether a single desk or a team of 100, Coworker never charges you. Honestly, Okemos or East Lansing would be ideal for me. Thats why we created Think Space, where new ideas are born. Offering an extensive variety and exceptional selection of executive suites, open-plan office space, co-working areas and virtual office options this business center is ideal no matter what your requirements. All Rights Reserved. Currently available coworking spaces in Lansing, MI offer a variety of booking options, including by the hour, by day, and by month, as well as a variety of supporting services. I took a remote work position and would rather work from a coworking space at least part of the time. Instead of gathering for another tedious board meeting and planning session, we were able to be creative and challenged by our surroundings. With no long-term commitments, flexibly configurable office spaces, and an assortment of high-end amenities, SOS stands ready to exceed your expectations. Rating 4.6 based on 127 reviews.Add your review. We all need a break sometimes. A link to reset your password has been sent to, will be in touch with you soon to Whether you seek to invent the next great product or you simply want to energize a training session, Think Space is your destination for something different. Any other suggestions for coworking spaces or shared office situations? For Entrepeneurs to Fortune 500 companies, Coworker has over 6 million users. Whether youre looking to rent office space for a day, trying to find an hourly office rental, or searching for a longer-term option, weve got you covered. I didn't even realize there was an r/Okemos honestly looking at it, this subreddit is a lot more active, probably better chance of getting an answer here. Home Is that incorrect? Coworking is a collaborative and flexible work style that involves a shared workplace or shared office space. See coworking companies with multiple locations in Lansing, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Contemporary office space with a prestigious address The Hatch in East Lansing was designed as a coworking incubator space for Michigan State University students todevelop their business ideas. We will setup the conference area however you would like. Depends on the co-working space, but ideally, there would be rooms where you could make calls without disturbing people or having people eavesdrop (unlike the library) and better Internet access. Contemporary office space with a prestigious address A completely configurable loft space. Lansing Shared Office Space, located in a historic building on Prudden Street in Lansing, gives startups access to the main workspace, meeting room and phone room, Wi-Fi, black-and-white printing, parking, the ability to receive mail and a front-desk receptionist for the basic package, which costs $95 a month. A single use room that is perfect for sales presentations, interviews, and small group meetings. Same thing with Neo Center, website down, can't find any good info on renting from them. The physical office is not assigned and workspace may be used on an ad-hoc basis. Also looking for a place to live? Website designed and developed by M3 Group, Entrepreneurs with great ideas for a startup have many costs to consider in turning a vision into an enterprise.

coworking spaces and find the right provider for your workspace needs. sorry if this sounds condescending, but how is co-working different than a library you pay for? This is why these collaborative work spaces appeal to freelancers, small businesses, solopreneurs, and independent workers. I've see Co:Space mentioned, but their website seems to be down and I can't find any further information about them. We have spent countless hours in dull conference rooms struggling to stay awake and wishing there were a better way to energize our meetings and improve results. Think Space is the perfect spot to be inspired and interactive!, sets the tone for innovative thinking through flexible, edgy and comfortable meeting spaces, Seitz and Riehl realized many businesses either visit a really creative environment thats not orchestrated for productive business meetings or use an environment contrived for business meetings but doesnt inspire., Inspired by such a creative and innovative atmosphere, our team members were wildly productive during our retreat and we left energized for project launches., an innovative alternative to the run-of-the-mill event space.. 725 Prudden StreetLansing, MI 48905517-798-4059, About SOSContactExplore MembershipsPrudden Street Gym. Privacy The benefits include a place to work and meet clients, plus a prestigious business address to wow them without the traditional overhead. Use the buttons below to learn more about SOS and all we have to offer, or jump right into the process of reserving your membership. It providescollaborative workspace for members, occupying 7,000 square feet of officespace, which includes 19 standardoffices, two conference rooms and a 3Dprinter room. Then, expand any of the listed coworking spaces in Lansing, MI to access details on property size and class; listing contact details and price; location perks; amenities; and more! Privacy Policy Contact Us call: (517) 709-8075 email: 1 coworking office properties, so you can easily find your space and start working. Not trying to hijack, but I am looking for something in Okemos, East Lansing would even be nice (Posted about it here Think Space is a unique business meeting and facilitation center in Lansing, Michigan, focused on providing you a creative and amazing experience., East Lansing Technology Innovation We work with all the available spaces to arrange

It can be rented as an add on or on its own. Take a walk along the Grand River or past the State Capitol Building, before getting down to business in our contemporary meeting rooms. There are currently 1 coworking spaces listed locally , that range in size from 10 square feet to 1,080 square feet. We have those key ingredients a passionate team of innovators, a historic building on the banks of the Grand River, and a focus on creativity, flexibility, and comfort. The unique setting with interesting lighting and movable furniture somehow brought out non-stop conversations with great ideas. According to, business owners can expect to pay from $100 to $1,000 per employee per month for a conventional office, 10% of the total budget for furniture and supplies and $2 per square foot of office space for utilities. Thats a lot of overhead for a business just starting out. I don't know why I never thought to get a Lansing Makers membership and treat it like a co-working space. Normally in a coworking space, this desk would be dedicated to you and in a single location for you to access whenever you like. Think Space was a breath of fresh air! The most frequent users are the most at risk. Workers with company-subsidizedmemberships feel that their employerstake their needs seriously regardless ofwhere they are located. Research all neighborhoods and submarkets as well as adjacent communities using our intuitive and interactive map, and navigate by ZIP code, neighborhood or city. A member of our team will be in touch. Co:Space and Neocenter are both defunct now. Details and prices are available by calling 972-913-2742 or by submitting the inquiry form. Stepping into our tech-powered workspace and feeling invigorated by the natural daylight flooding in through the rows of windows, provides the ideal environment to foster new client relations and reach your business aspirations. I'm having a heck of a time finding any in the Lansing/East Lansing area though. Regus offers a variety of options, including everything from serviced offices with high-speed internet and modern workspaces to virtual offices with call handling and mail-forwarding services. The Big Idea Room is equipped with everything you need to have a productive meeting. A fourth option is Regus, which operates out of One Michigan Avenue in downtown Lansing. You will be just steps from the State Capitol Building and the impressive amenities that surround. quotes and tours on your behalf. near you. Become an Affiliate confirm. We believe when you combine the right elements, inspiration and creativity ensue. And thats why shared office spaces have become a popular alternative since their inception in 2005.

One Michigan Avenue, 120 North Washington Square. Click here for other office space and executive suites to rent in Lansing. According to the Review, 71% of respondents worked full time for companies that are either located in a WeWork office or use WeWork for remote individuals and teams. Coworking spaces help newbusinesses make a positive impressionon potential clientele. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, MICHIGAN CREDIT UNION FOUNDATION. Can anyone speak to the veracity of that statement? Contact Us. Over 18,500 spaces and meeting rooms, with more than 300 new spaces joining each month. A subreddit for the Greater Lansing (Michigan) Community, Press J to jump to the feed., Lansing Shared Office Space: Please fill out the short form at the top of this page to get full information about this office space, including the best rental prices we have available. Just scroll through the adjacent list of listing previews, which automatically updates according to your map view, and select your preferred listing. CommercialCafe is your go-to source for finding coworking & shared spaces Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a link to reset your password. More traditional offices rent for between $7.50 and $10.30 a day. Your best bet is probably the TIC in East Lansing (technology innovation center). The coworking provider that manages the space handles all the services and amenities, to make sure all individual needs are covered. Virtual offices are shown on the Regus website to run from $2.20 to $8.80 a day, while coworking accommodations start at $6.60 daily., All Rights Reserved 517 Business and Lifestyle Magazine. Our smallest creative breakout space. Our current listings inventory incorporates a variety of coworking space available in Lansing, MI. This office center offers complimentary beverages. Lansings Instant Offices, located in Washington Square, gives clients a modern and technologically powered workspace with a strategic corporate address. Register to receive exclusive offers, special member pricing, and updates on shared office space Available Coworking & Shared Space in Lansing, MI. Take a walk along the Grand River or past the State Capitol Building, before getting down to business in our contemporary meeting rooms. Or, move the map in current view mode along a route or corridor of interest. For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, dont hesitate to contact us! Lansing Makers is kinda set up for this. Usually includes services such as caf, IT, and a reception all provided within the monthly cost. Located in the heart of the cities central business district, you can sit among leading providers in a range of industries. I guess that could make sense, I've heard that Lansing Makers is kind of a mess though with it not always being accessible when it's supposed to be. A furnished workspace with services such as caf, IT, cleaning and a reception all provided within the monthly cost. Technical support is available, and can help with your computer, networking and communications set up and maintenance. Other local community co-sharing and incubation spaces: Coworking was the subject of a Harvard Business Review survey that took place between 2017 and 2018. The Allen Neighborhood Center offersrental of its incubator kitchen for farmers and entrepreneurs to develop value-added food businesses and build client bases.