I asked for an item, not a judgement on the lifestyle that I, or any of my guests, choose. Save your money and go elsewhere. Now I have it another shot like an idiot and called and was put on hold and when I called back they simply say "can't hear you..and une one seconde hang up". I wish the product description would include that this is only a decorative piece and not a mirror that can be used. I am a professional woodworker and only agreed to this purchase because, like the shoemaker, I often don't have time for personal projects. Their customer service is always outstanding. I love this store in particular. Know that if you have an issue with furniture, it will be time-intensive and you will have to be vigilant with following through. I bought a dining room table over a year ago and it started falling apart. I would expect more for someone who's been working retail their entire career. What I like about this location, versus what used to be at Aventura Mall, is that this location has a lot more merchandise. So far I will say I'm pleased with the furniture, however it sure was a hassle to get it (after waiting the usual amount of time for custom furniture, it THEN sat in a warehouse a couple of months before it was "found"). I was told that it was scheduled to ship on January 8th and is in fulfillment again. But bet they don't give a dime. Still waiting for my order. When we saw it in the showroom you couldn't see any of the screws and when talking with them they have no explanation other than the store built a panel in house to hide the screws, since then they've taken down the desk so we can't confirm this with the store and find a solution. Seriously? Literally walked away. We told the designers how we were setting it up so the back of the desk was facing the office door, but when we received the desk you could see all the screws in the back and the desk looked unfinished. Heidi, who is the manager still, please if you read this step in as a leader and hire kinder sales people, I'm just speechless 2 years on and there's still the same amount of rude people. . We buy what we love and make it work in our home. Bottom line, PB lost a sale they very easily could have made. Store managers do nothing Rewards items are continuously billed to you DON'T OPEN A CREDIT CARD!!! Or will we need to sit on hold and then get the run around for another hour when it's not fixed and we have to call back? The manufacturer said they did not. I always left the store with numerous bags. I called customer service and after about 45 minutes on hold, a lady named Diana said that a replacement cushion would be sent - we would receive it in about a month and a half. When the Village at Gulfstream Park opened up, it made a move by recruiting a number of longtime Aventura Mall tenants. (And I have been to many others in the last 25 years and in many other states). Every delivery and pick up has to have someone come over to accept the items. However, I come home to find that they grabbed different types. Leather chair came in with damaged seat leather. Just awful. The prices at Pottery Barn are right up there in ridiculousness with Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma. Deliveries being scheduled without my knowledge. The products are expensive and I expect better service. When it comes to pricing, a queen sheet set at Pottery Barn ranges in price from $40 to $299. Not nearly as bad as others make it out to be. I noticed that the status of the order never changed from 'Ordered' to 'Preparing to Ship', so I contacted customer service on November 16 and asked about it. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. On Aug 11th I bought a Crib on Pottery Barn UTC store, 3 weeks later looking online for things I need for my son`s nursery and I realize that same crib for almost 100 dollars less. Most shoppers enjoy the overall look of Pottery Barn's beds and bedroom furniture, although some shoppers did bring up complaints about delivery delays and missing hardware when they finally received their beds. I just returned some lamps and the man who waited on me was sassy and acted like I was annoying him! Also, phone hold times for customer service are in excess of one hour! I emailed customer service, thinking that maybe they could forward it to a manager or someone who could get to the bottom of it. When I have been here, I have found the customer service to be very good and the general assortment of merchandise to be good as well. there are a couple of older gentlemen in the store that are fabulous to deal with. They are plagued with backorders and "vendors" that cant hold up their production and delivery dates. The sales staff was friendly enough however but when I took a closer look at the prices, I knew it was time to bounce. I would truly only give a negative star rating! I was never contacted.I called again and was told that the item would be in their warehouse on January 3rd and delivered on January 9th. She lead me to a sofa I had not considered but that met my needs and sense of style. I was literally told that because the chairs were delivered (albeit the wrong chairs) that this isn't pottery barn's fault anymore, they are washing their hands of this and that I would have to work with the manufacturer to get resolve. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. they offer a 20% discount if you sign up I did. Cheaply made and overpriced! As I started driving home, I decided to check the receipt and that's when I realized that Andrew had charged me incorrectly on three items. Still have no information about the status of the return, and yet have spent so much time on hold, all for nothing. After 2 weeks of waiting and a pending move, I called to make sure they had my new address only to find out that the cushions were never sent out! My living room was designed based on the colors in the art, so I was willing to wait for the 'final piece' to complete it.The delivery date was originally given as November 20. Instead they sent me a gift card good for merchandise only. They pumpkins do look cute in my counter top though!! not one person had any authority or ability to correct my issue. They attack you as soon as you walk in the door. There is no part number stamped on the hardware (really great idea), nor is the manufacturer name found anywhere in the furniture (another really great idea). Maybe other pb products are better quality, but do not buy the Pearce leather sectional! My husband and I have entered Pottery Barn many times because we love many of the items in there, but not once has someone greeted us and today was no exception. Don't even try to call customer service, unless you have half a day to be on the phone. The customer service at this store is shamefully non existent or plain rude, I have never been in a store before or you literally have to chase a sales person and even so when you get one, to get actually a nice experience. I told her there are only 5 items on the shelf and I needed 8 of the placemats that matches the table throw. This was their mistake and were not transparent about a 90$ fee AT ALL. Completely frustrated. They gave me the name of a furniture repair company and said I was on my own. The store has the worst customer service. Which I want to note is pretty rude. He inquired at his manager named Kenny to which Kenny answered Fine, fine, fine! They stack the merchandises to the maxthey are everywhere. My favorite Pottery Barn store! It's four weeks now. On January 6th the date changed to February 13thwhich would be over 4 months from the time I ordered it. . She said to leave my phone # and she would look into it and call me later. A sofa that I will love throughout the transitions life brings.

Slumber Search is supported by readers. What is there not to love aout Pottery Barn? Ordering Familyroom furniture ($3,000) from PotteryBarn was a hassle in & of itself, & then I was given 10% back in rewards which I purchased dishes with($300). Shame on you pottery barn. The pros: Beautiful, traditional bedding options with some sustainable pieces too. That said, they don't do a great job in sales. He also gave me a 20% discount. Walnut Creek, take some deep breathes and less caffeine. Please don't ever buy any Pottery Barn product. Online/delivery = awful! Still haven't heard. The sales help have always been helpful and friendly to me and never overbearing. it was no problem. Customer service is fantastic most of the time I don't mind paying the high cost. We are are so disappointed with Pottery Barn's customer service and their attitude , which has been "So what if we sold the couch on the premise that you'd never have to replace it..just buy new slipcovers.". See Our Top Choice For Bedding: Resident HomeUnlock The Coupons. Pottery Barn does not allow customers to provide reviews on products. I called the store and left her a message. She listened to my needs, offered advice and suggestions, and couldn't be more helpful or patient through the whole process. "7-10 days". Investing in a sofa is like buying a Chanel handbag or a car, you better love it because you should expect to own it for a long time and you want it to be classic. Hands down the worst store ever.

It's pretty but so far from being a decent investment. My wife and I stoped in to order a slipcover for our PB Comfort sectional and the sales lady was the most unhelpful person we have ever shopped with. I parked in front of the Pottery Barn and in order to get to the Chinook mall I used the PB entrance. I didn't hear from him the whole day and I can't reach him - every time I call, I'm put on hold for 20+ minutes, and sometimes the call disconnects when I call meaning they hang up on me. and said "it will take an hour because we are short-handed." She has helped me on both store visits and was simply fantastic. I know Pottery Barn is a great company having dealt with them in other cities but be careful when dealing with the Calgary location. I'm now sitting a violet hour ( a wonderful speakeasy not too far away ), thinking about throwing on my new set and loving the final piece to my apartment. We have never paid full price for anything in the store! Utterly disgusting customer service! I checked the frame and the holes and clearly no screw had ever been installed in any of the missing spots. Pottery Barn never notified us the item arrived. So I returned to the store and approached him. We bought r Pearce sectional with top grade material $6000+ delivered in October. Pre-black Friday sale. Classy, Pottery Barn. The replacement would take another month. So we returned and oh Nooo, they didn't have it in our color. I am not sure that Pottery Barn fits everyone's decorating style.

I'll be honest, I've walked into Pottery Barn a number of times. After contacting PB regarding the issue & sending pictures requested, they replied I'd be helped within 24 - 48 hours to address my concerns 4 months later, still nothing! I quickly realised the textures, the style of furniture, it just isn't my decor taste. The funny thing was the main contact lives 10 minutes from my house. I think there are opportunities to make this location great.. Hopefully they can improve. This store is always top notch decorated and super neat. This is ridiculous! When unpacking them we looked at each other and said, "This is plastic!" Today I was looking for a round dining table. As I watched the status of the order remain as 'Ordered' throughout the month of December and early January, I contacted customer service once again. Customer service is abysmal. Not believing them, I called and checked again and a different customer service agent did a 'Where is my order' request and said I should be contacted in 48 hours. But then, while waiting for Andrew to complete my order, I also noticed the way he interacts with his staff (female with black hair in her late 40's possibly Hispanic) which was demeaning. PS. I had to call to give notes to the rep to update me. She was interjected by an older Caucasian women in her 60s who was incredibly rude and abrasive to say the least. It's a 9 week turn-around from the order, but I'm sure it will be well worth it! In the past, I was able to combine them without any issues but this time the answer was no. and his response was "No, but you'll love our store so you'll be back" I walked away shaking my head with the customer service quality at this Pottery Barn. Guh. The Drawer slide hardware is broken for the Stratton Storage Platform Bed we ordered in 2018. It was to be delivered last Sat.11/9 between 12-4 pm. I took my time to look around at their wares and I automatically noticed a draping area as you walk in from the outside door. The employees are always helpful and tend to be very nice, letting me poke around and answering questions should I have any (this is San Luis Obispo after all - people are nice here.). I spent several thousand dollars on their sofa, and they don't seem interested in taking care of their mistakes. The store is always immaculate and there are great vignettes around the store to get new ideas.

I will never use their services again. This is my all time favorite place to shop for all house hold goods from bath towels to plate settings and of course the gorgeous toss pillows. Maybe it's not made for me. After a negative experience of purchasing a light fixture in store that sold the glass shades separately, I spent several hours on the phone with various pottery barn employees trying to locate glass shades without having to repurchase the full complete fixture set. From there we continued to stop by once or twice a month. She did not offer to check it w me, I had to spell it out to her, she still asked me to be more specific (news flash: I'm a customer I do not know the name of the sections!!) No advantage to us, only enticing us to buy more products from them and no compensation for all the hassle and time wasted for a product we still havent received. After continuously calling them myself and being on hold forever, I was told it would be another 2 weeks.

And I was well dressed, with money to spend and flashing a pricey purse because that's how things roll at that mall. Headquarters connects me to a voicemail that never calls back. Trust the reviews. This place has such beautiful, unique, interesting home decor ideas it almost intimidates me going inside. I literally told them that I don't understand. If I wanted the bed in the King size (which was originally ordered) I would need to wait another 3 months even though it was their fault. My favorite place to go when I'm in SLO. Very genuine and full of tips for success. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. Funny they have a sign that says they can ship anywhere in Canada, well, you're paying for it lol. Disappointed in Pottery Barn's return policy when ordering online. Why, you may ask? Don't buy from them unless you'd really rather never receive your purchase. It's their lack of customer support. One lady put me on hold for 45 minutes. How long? In addition, the sales associate was rude. It's a standard Pottery Barn, and although it's not as big as some locations in major metros, they do offer most of the standard items you'd expect to find. But then again, even if we got more stuff, it's probably going to end up in Salvation Army in a year! I did my return (over 30 days, so I get store credit, which I know). The sales people are rude and condescending. Years ago my mom bought a sectional from PB and she still loves it, which is amazing, because my mother tends to lose interest quickly. We were first told the the item was in Auburn. Repeatedly get transferred with no one able to help locate your merchandise and was hung up on twice. I don't have my receipt because I was going to keep this throw. They saw me, but they just kept doing what they were doing in their computers. We will dispute the charge, and return the second (correct) item. There are a number of employees to thank, but Paul was absolutely fantastic. Ordered a small area rug that went on sale a week later. I would have expected it to be more welcoming and helpful to patrons with families. Nordstrom would have replaced this item without asking any questions, instead I'm out of $100+. It was done correctly and payment via rewards certificate was confirmed online. Customer service is a joke with calls never returned. That is a real plus! One chair is delivered today and the delivery man says - oh by the way, they cant find the other chair in the warehouse!! No fluster, no confusion. However we did receive ONE item from that delivery - it was a small box with a starfish pillow cover in it. Never miss new arrivals matching exactly what youre looking for! Yes, I am a Luddite, and need the comfort of finding out what the material is like before I buy. Well PB needs to stand behind their customer promises for these "vendors" but they refused. I didn't end up buying the pumpkins then. I guess I'm too practical; I look at their merchandise and think "it's nice but I don't really NEED any of this stuff." This site's sole purpose is to help you make the decision faster and with more peace of mind. I do not want a free part. One of the most popular items that Pottery Barn shoppers are on the hunt for are their rugs. Being charged over $500 in delivery fees because the store didn't have the product in stock. But she told me she's only be available to help me until she clocked out and rushed my purchase. $57 dollars. I went to assemble the parts after the hours of refinishing, and was unable to complete the job because several of the ill-fitting joints ended up with stripped out screws. Terrible experience buying furniture. I actually find myself seeking out the retirement age people who work there .

This store must be extremely understaffed. Another favorite find of Pottery Barn shoppers are their bedding options including sheets, duvet covers, pillows, quilts, blankets & throws, and more. a hundred and fifty for a basic picture frame? Since then we bought a media centre, end table, two love-seats, coffee table and rug plus some home decor stuff. The resolution to that was that they were indeed not delivered and they would send us out that delivery right away but that the Christmas ornament and the personalized stockings could no longer be done as they were seasonal items! The line was long. This is for an online order using my loyalty rewards certificate in it's entirety with no balance owing. They are understaffed. But then Paul steps in, and with his persistence and fine investigative skills, actually finds it deep within the shelves of the back room. I have come to this location several times. My complaint is about the horrible customer service when things go wrong, especially by a store manager. Given this horrible experience, I will always and forever take my business elsewhere. We dodged a bullet. I mean, when you envision yourself cuddled up after a warm apple cider with a particular duvet, then that's it, you're in the rabbit hole. If I was going to spend 2K plus on a sofa, it better be something that I can live for many years to come, and something that can reinvent itself in a different space. top online furniture alternative, Perigold. I usually luck out and get their floor samples in great condition for 1/2 the price. We bought a leather Pearce sofa in August 2017 and didn't receive until December. I tried Lazy Boy but the sales staff is just horrible. Luckily the Gulfstream park has many other options for furniture shopping. The return goes smoothly enough, but the associate automatically returned credit to purchaser (person that bought the gift). Sorry about that. services, you're letting us know that you've read and agree to the changes. I'll get what in the mail? We had existing pieces we wanted to incorporate and Laurie had great ideas as to how we could blend the old with the new. Google searches yield plenty of unhappy PB customers who say the same thing, that PB will not reveal part numbers nor manufacturer names. More info. And you shouldn't either. She gave us the correct SKU for the fabric we wanted and even explained the sale.

They were horrible - hoping to get my money back. Turns out that I checked on that same store and they do have a few units ready to be pickup if I decide to buy it today. 2 Chairs and the Atwell canopy bed. When I did call back they can't look it up but have to go find paper copies to see if it's come in. The mirror arrived broken. 3. Ok, here what? After getting two emails about my order being again delayed, I attempted to call customer service. They had these adorable glass pumpkins that I thought would be lovely for the fall time! Save it, they are a nightmare. I have been in the store several times and have never had great customer service however I went in over the weekend to buy a few Christmas decorations and the girl at the cashier was beyond rude, condescending and never said one word to us while we were checking out. This was the first time I purchased from Pottery Barn, and it will also be the last. The employees at Pottery Barn told us to contact the new manufacturer to see if they have the pattern for the old model, which we did. I started fooling around with things until I realize how freaking expensive everything is. when I got to checkout it asked for the discount promo code I entered it and got turned down it said I wasn't eligible for it oh really? The store employees are rude and obnoxious and make it clear that children are not welcome. Next, my custom chairs are ready for delivery today which is a week and a half after the bed mishap. Ordered a sleeper sofa back in 2018 October, but still didn't received it. Wonder how Mike ever became manager. Manager Kimberly at this San Luis Obispo location was super helpful and friendly assisting us find great sale items as well as some items that I'd seen online but wanted to see and feel in person (bedding). The main cause however was that the pieces installed at the factory only had two of five screws on one side and three of five on the other. And I'm a pottery barn credit card holder. Ok so I don't like to review anything negative but I'm hoping by writing this that the company or at least the store manager at the Walnut Creek, CA will read it. If you're ordering something you "need" - depend on someone else. They are a newer location and clearly have some growing pains.

We ordered a desk and cabinet for the office and it's been a 2 month hassle. No way to treat a customer. But this is not the case. Some shoppers have also brought up longevity issues with certain bedroom furniture pieces. I literally waited to pay for an item, got passed up by two ladies who helped other people who walked up After me and then had the balls to say, oh, we see you dear. Now I know not to waste my money here because they don't stand by their product quality. leather sofa taupe furniture living couches rooms decor couch brown pallet sofas foter tables classic inspiration tpe