Prior to the early 70s, I had no conception of a spiritual side. So, do these similar things and you will be disqualified. They are fallen angels who serve Sanat Kamura another name for Satan when you switch the n and the t. These beings are quite open with their followers, boastful and eager to reveal through their channels how and why they have infiltrated Christianity both in and outside the institutional churches, in buildings and online. Then Paul goes into his rebirth experience. The pretense is cleverly planned with all ofyour weaknesses in mind. I remember patting my body and the bed to see who it was that was smothering me. 6And we will be ready to punish every act of disobedience, once your obedience is complete. 7You are judging by appearances. Simply put, we believe that to be victorious, the fact that you took a stand to fight the enemy is admirable, as you have not passively waited on others to wave a magic wand to set you free. But you may have overlooked the sign. I say that I was possessed for thatperiod of time simply because I could not control myself. After two years of counseling, Sarah is now assured of her salvation and the spontaneous orgasms have ceased. Well, the church has definitely gone into all the world but has the full gospel been preached? , to obtain just enough ground to keep me perpetually deceived. You are even waiting on dreams, visions, voices TO HEAR THE MESSAGES AND ADVICE OF FALLEN ANGELS because a soul tie has developed between you and these entities.

Love between the brethren goes beyond favoring someone or liking a particular personality type or even being in accord with a persons opinions or ways. We learn more andmoreand we take confidence in what we are learning out of the scriptures. Joyce is very churched, very religious. For me, He had to be supernatural because I was and still am a supernatural person. Because He knows you.

Also, take note that the scriptures report how Jesus prayed that even though Satan would try to sift Peter like wheat, that Peters faith fail him not. A false convert is a tareone whom Satan has planted among us who will probably never be converted. Allow me to share some evidence of just how blind the church generation of Laodicea has been for centuries, existing not only without the power of the Lords resurrection, but moving forward decade after decade with no revelation of the resurrection of the dead in Christ. Without failure, there is no glory. So in ignorance and by curiosity, I began to study and practice relaxation therapy, which is an introduction to hypnosis. This experience was so disturbing, that my only response was to pass out into a deep sleep. Included also are self -proclaimed prophets who use terms like opening the gates as well as those who are proponents of territorial combat with principalities and powers. Write or call toll free, 888-818-1117. I had said that fixing my body symptoms may help solve my soul and spiritual ones. 10 Signs or Attributes of The Judas Spirit. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR SINS. However with 10 more years of experience under my belt, here is what he wrote that stands out in this hour: In reference to Latonya as his channel, consider this: We are not going to give up without a fight. This is the full gospel of Jesus Christ!!! Devils simply move the counselors spirit aside, enter his or her body and use his or her tongue to speakeither with the counselors own voice or a different one. A thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, yet I shall be delivered. For books and other products,click here. The truth is that although true brethren may take issue with your doctrine, practices and even your lifestyle, truly born again believers will manifest the acceptance and understanding that is essential to Christian love. Yet there is no biblical record that the Lord prayed for Judas. But He did not raise Him if in fact, the dead are not raised. There is a song that says I dont know if you know it. what the world has to say about chakras and how they should be closed or not closed. This is why deliverance ministry is such a farce. Actually, I noticed this when I was a pastor in an African American church for 17 years of my 25 years there, from 1979-2004. PSM has some serious reservations toward traditional deliverance ministries as well as individual practitionerswho label what they do as either spiritual warfare or intercessory prayer. A reprobate mind is in a devastating place, far worse than being uneducated.. (Matthew 27:51-53). At the finish line, is the Kingdom of Christ, or the land of milk and honey. We are so near it, we can almost taste it. So consider that The Lord taught His disciples the importance of faith that whatever they believe will manifest in their actions . So, the power we anchor our hope iOS the Lords resurrection, our hope in our own resurrection in the spirit to be born again, and also our hope is in the ultimate resurrection where our bodies are transformed and made immortal we come out of the grave. Appearancesare:what the world has to say about chakras and how they should be closed or not closed. She will not get off scot free, as we have been using her for 7 years. You are about to ask how is your daughter when a sort of pop-up thought enters your mind which is her daughter is dead. In the first three years, I documented in a diary about 3000 dreams. To book a session, call and ask for Evan at 838-217-0104 or request an appointment at When we consider the four horsemen riding on various colored horses, chemical warfare is foreshadowed. Ils ont, tous, rpt la prire du pcheur (ou la prire du cur selon les dnominations) la fin dun sermon tlvis ou radio, en lisant un tract ou bien ils sont alls au pied de lautel pour accepter Jsus. With thiscomforting thought in mind, is there anything that we should do inthe natural to prepare for upcoming environmental disasters thatcannot be denied in the prophetic words of God? Counselor and client may discover that he or she is not very likeable, one to the other. The key is that Jesus Christ is at the center of divine love. Consumed by what I believed to be cosmic or planetary predictors of the course of human life, I initiated a study of the astrology charts of the deceased. Because my fight is not with the client. I believe, just as the scripture says, a day is as a thousand years in the spirit real. for you, . That was a no brainer for me. Therefore, I would have heard from the devil. A book that will help you get your sprint back is, The New Idolatry., Deny or Betray Jesus: the Judas Spirit Today. If you are born again, your mind has been renewed to enable you to cast down thoughts, fears, imaginations, casting them down and submitting them to Christ. Simultaneously, a dream received on 11/11/16 came to pass on 11/3/2020. fatigue cavaleiro ridder chevalier stanco cansado guerriero trttna riddaren espada vermoeide recover riddare cotte maille paard arrodilla battlefield trger She also has spontaneous orgasms. We thought we were playing just another parlor game. So too, for us there are spiritual boundaries that if we cross, we will not obtain a crown of life and receive the inheritance of the Kingdom. on Who Is thinking through YOUR Mind? 3. Pam, do you actually think that we are going to allow you to teach her the truth? It is also noteworthy to consider that Judas simply was not enlightened with the necessary spiritual sight to understand that Jesus Christ Nazareth is actually God Almighty. However, even more than the details or specifics provided Joseph through divine advice, what stands out for me is that Joseph wasshown the future in a dream. The first dream occurred in 2011. Because of the Lords resurrection, and because we are His chosen ones, whether they kill us or they dont and thats what the Apostle was facing right here. Its all about hope, hope in Christ. The further I delve the more my commonsense slips away, Pam pulls me back to reality and saves me from going deeper into distractions. The Lord is not only crucified unto death for our sins but He is is alive in His physical body, NEVER to die again!!! II Corinthians 13:5 Examine yourselvesto see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. So the Lords resurrection AND the resurrection of the dead are crucial to of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Toset up your first appointment, call 888-818-1117 or send an email to YOU MAY KILL ME BUT I will return in my body when the Lord returns!. Thensuddenly, like the peeling of a banana, my spirit left my body and stood in the corner of the room, looking back at myselfsitting in a chair. Not only has the Lords resurrection benn moth misunderstood and de-emphasized, but the resurrection of the dead in Christ when He returns is yet another a significant part of the gospel that Christianity has either diluted, suppressed or completely ignored for centuries!!! Because fallen angels arelike skillful magicians. As my life has continually been revealed by the revelations manifested through scripture, this ministry is being blessed to be used by God to help you uncover your own spiritual revelations through deliverance counseling on Zoom, email counseling, group counseling, Assisted Self Study in End times (ASSET), mentoring, books, workshops and courses. They will open up the veil and let us peek, yet at the same time they then standback and laugh at us when we buy into their deception hook, line and sinker.

A heaviness comes on you where you believe that someone is on top of you.

For example, If the client is under the strong influence of a fallen angel, the negativity within the deliverance counseling relationship can be used by evil spirits to set up a trigger that will intrusively and compulsively remind you of that person, the message that person is sending you, or both. when Saul got born again, the Lord made him fall off his horse and sit there blind until Ananias came and said, Be healed. He wont do you every one like that. It was exactly what I needed. If you have ever been in a trance or have had an out of bodyexperience then you might be able to understand. Therefore, devils and demons are forced to use people as their messengers. If you dont, then the evil spirit has obtained ground. After several months of counselling with Pam, I sent her an email saying that I wanted to take a break and focus on my physical/bodily symptoms for a while, giving her an explanation and thanking her for everything she had done for me so far. 7. God had to call me out from among them in order for me to discern the truth. AFTER His resurrection and BEFORE His ascension, the Lord declared to His Apostles: , Go into ALL the world and preach the gospel.. Quickly, one thing led to another and without asking me for permission, spirits began to enter me when they chose to speak to anyone gathered.My spirit was outside of my body screaming Let me back in, but the people assembled could not hear me and the evil spirits used m soul and my body as a rag doll until God intervened wherein I rose up and shouted, this is ENOUGH!. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. For the last 20 years, I have been teaching and writing about the great falling away. To me, they sound like Christians. They have a Judas Spirit. I had asked God to reveal both the cause and the solution to Genes issues. What I am absolutely certain of is that I did the right thing by closing her case. Because they had witnessed or heard about the resurrection of deceased old testament saints and of course they met the resurrected Jesus as well. Without my knowing anything at all about Genes dream, I found myself discussing spiritual blindness. bondage deliverance occult oppressed counseling flip koch kurt used his common sense, he knew the law, and he said, Im a Roman citizen, you cant kill me like that. Our ministerial staff is equipped to guide you through your struggles that will eventually become victories. For 2000 years, Satan has been angry because he saw the old testament elect of God go into the graveyard and retrieve their immortal bodies. I suspect that my ministry of 40 years thus far will soon break through with miracles that will turn the head of Moses himself when in no time, I will be 80 years old!!! Even so, we will not contend with you on what you have been believing and practicing. Because as a deliverance counselor, the first strategy I employ is to seek AGREEMENT. Why? It goes, My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. And it goes on. At the same time, I CONTINUALLY DEALT WITH PRIDE AS I PROGRESSED, SO GOD DID NOT RESIST ME and THE ENEMY HAD TO FLEE FROM ME! Ceux qui ont rpt Jsus, Jsus, Jsus dans les glises pentectistes et ceux qui ont reu une imposition des mains dans les glises charismatiques ou dans les ministres de dlivrance sont dans un tat bien pire par rapport aux autres. For the Christian in particular, God designs the lessons of life disguised in the form of obstacles, mistakes and difficulties through a maize of trials, tribulations, troubles and tests. It may be very soft and easy. We are here to walk with youthrough asystemic combination of fasting, prayer and counseling with sound scriptural-based deliverance to set you free. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. Who are the principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high or heavenly places? Frequent sexual dreams, (spirit of sucubus and incubus)persistent nightmares where you are being chased by animals. As I pray, I literally watch them leave the various opened chakras, most often they yawn their way out. What has been revealed to me is that the shift is primarily because not only am I preaching the Lords bodily resurrection, but lately my new emphasis is also on His return and the resurrection of the dead in Christ., If you need help, dont hesitate to book a deliverance counseling session, either by calling 888-818-1117 or send an email to Suddenly, I felt my throat being tugged seconds beforethe entity used my larynx to speak to those who weregathered.