There are good view of Minato Mirai, various cruise ships, and when the weather cooperates, nice views of Mt. You can eat unique food, like monjayaki. Reservations recommended for large groups. Tours begin every hour on the hour. The latter is newer than the "Blue Line" and it goes from Hiyoshi to Nakayama. Let us do the legwork for you, and you can just sit back and enjoy your trip. Wanderlog makes planning a trip so effortless. Always check your travel dates in advance to be on the safe side. Save all the best places to visit with Wanderlog, Download the travel planning app everyone's been raving about. Some providers change their schedules during the summer season, for example. Recommendations: any antipasto and risotto, complemented with sangria or wine of the day. Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum highlights the traditional fish cake. Providers' timetables can change on certain days of the week or public holidays, and many also vary at particular times of year. Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Copyright 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Heres how my route looks on the map: We did all of this and more on a wonderful 10 days in Japan itinerary that focused on the best sites in Tokyo and Kyoto. Located across the street from Yokohama Park. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates. It's also one of the larger ones (175,000 m) and also is an open air museum of many Japanese traditional buildings, 13 of which have been designated as a national heritage.

Hawaiian-style burgers. The stations to be set up along the line are namely: Hazawa Yokohama Kokudai (near Yokohama-Hazawa Station on JR Tkaido Freight Line), Shin-Yokohama, and Shin-Tsunashima (near Tsunashima Station on the Tky Tyoko Line). Vegetables, desserts, and a full range of drinks are set out buffet-style while staff keeps the meat coming. As of 1 June 2021, the city had an estimated population of 439,728 and a population density of 6300 persons per km. Tokyo Fuji Art Museum has collections of ceramics, ukiyo-e woodblock prints and Western art. Singles for 8300, doubles for 15,750 Good early booking deals available on Japanese website. Some Narita Express trains from Narita Airport go through to Yokohama (1 hours, 4370). Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start - but that's where Virail comes in. Its most recognizable landmark is the Kotoku-in Temples Great Buddha, a roughly 13m-high bronze statue still standing after a 15th-century tsunami. 221 5F 221 Shinko, Naka-ku. About 70% of the clientele is Japanese, and is single-lady friendly. In June 2020, its population was 979,768, with a population density of 3,605 people per km. 13 minutes off the main route, 75% of way to Shibuya. It is famous for sweet baumkuchens, cakes, and especially roll cakes. On average, there are 72 daily departures from Yokohama to Shibuya. Remember though that the exact stations served on each route can vary. 7 minutes off the main route, 82% of way to Shibuya. Fish & chips is highly recommended. You can reach Yokohama from Tokyo's two main airports, though much more conveniently from Haneda (HND). This requires trains to cross over level junctions to enter Tkaido Line tracks near Tsurumi or Shinagawa (or somewhere in between), which would possibly undermine the high density train operations in this section, if no dedicated grade separation is built. 26 minutes off the main route, 35% of way to Shibuya. The cheapest train tickets from Yokohama to Shibuya cost $ 2.65. Every day, there are an average of 46 departures from Yokohama which travel directly to Shibuya. Station numbering for interchanging lines are in parentheses. Though a stand-bar by nature, a great place to take in a nicely paced meal if you can get a seat. Thick noodle and delicious tonkotsu () soup. [1] Both operators will be putting their company names as a formal part of the line names, which is a first for Stetsu, and a second for Tky (the first being the Tky Tamagawa Line). The political center of medieval Japan, modern-day Kamakura is a prominent resort town with dozens of Buddhist Zen temples and Shinto shrines. Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea 25 minutes from TokyoIf youre into all things Disney, these theme parks are the obvious choice for you.

The 2nd tallest building (3rd tallest man-made structure) in Japan is in the Minato Mirai 21 district. This Japan itinerary starts in Tokyo, makes a day trip to either Kamakura, Nikko, or Hakone, then ventures south to Kyoto, with day trips to Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Miyajima Island. Popular cities to stop between Yokohama and Shibuya. For those willing to cough up an additional 3300, you can go up a 6-story elevator up to the shoulders and head area. These places are located a few hours from Tokyo and should be good day trips. When you see your results, select your chosen option and Virail will redirect you to the provider's website, where you can complete your booking. You will always find something interesting to do when you return regardless of the season. The Stetsu JR Link Line opened on 30 November 2019 and it has been announced that the Stetsu Tky Link Line will open in March 2023.[2]. At very busy times, there may be up to 72 departures each day. Unique about the bar is its size, which can be classed as rather large in the area of Bashamichi, Kannai, where small, tiny sized bars are common. When using the JR Yokohama Line, note that some trains doesn't serve you direct service to Yokohama Station. Chiba is the capital city of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. JR and Sotetsu published a joint press release on 16 July 2019[3] which summarised the line's train operations. Cheap and good yakitori and other izakaya fare, as well as reasonably priced drink specials on weeknights (around 200) and all-you-can-drink (600) available for 4 or more people (a rarity for yakitori restaurants). This is the crme de la crme of planning apps! The two stations are connected via the JR Yokohama line (15 minutes via direct service, 170) and the Yokohama Subway Blue Line (10 minutes, 250). In that case, you'll have to change to the JR Keihin Tohoku Line at Higashi-kanagawa() Station. The only sounds that can be quite disturbing after a while are coming from the huge screens and speakers in Shibuya and Shinjuku. The lines stations itself are worth seeing, especially Minato-Mirai Station itself, where you are able to see straight up to the very spacious entrance hall (7 floors in all) of the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the second tallest building in Japan (it was the tallest before the Abeno Harukas skyscraper was built in Osaka). The line runs parallel to the Keihin-Tohoku Line, but due to its massive expenses in keeping the designer-class stations running, the fares are rather pricey but definitely worthwhile. Take a look at the best stops on a Yokohama to Shibuya drive for some inspiration. If a fast journey is a priority for you when traveling, look out for express services that may get you there faster. Minato Mirai 21 () [38] is a futuristic city district built entirely on reclaimed land. 26 minutes off the main route, 53% of way to Shibuya. It remains a maritime city to this day and retains an international flavor. JR Negishi Line () is also available for Chinatown and Minato Mirai Area. The ruined Ishigakiyama Castle offers city views. Pseudo-French bakery well known for its cheesecakes. However, they are somewhat changeable as they may be affected by local events or holidays, peak seasons, or other factors. It is strongly suggested to go during non-holiday weekdays. Regarding the Stetsu JR Link Line, Hazawa Yokohama Kokudai Station is jointly operated by JR East and Stetsu and opened in November 2019. [note 1]. The station numbering for Stetsu stations on all Stetsu lines share the initial letters "SO". Reasonable business hotel chain in the downtown area, with free breakfast buffet. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates. TOKYO HIGHLIGHTS: 1 & 2: Senso-ji Temple ~ 3: Shinjuku Gyoen ~ 4: Shinjuku ~ 5: View from Tokyo Skytree ~ 6: Shibuya Crossing ~ 7: Tokyo Imperial Palace Gardens ~ 8: Robot Restaurant It takes only a minute to go here from Sakuragicho Stn of JR line. It has 4 floors, B1 to 3F. Our powerful search engine will explore all the options available for your trip, combing through more than 2000 transport companies all over the globe. Also, Starbucks is in here. The total area is 10.11 square kilometres. With online coupon. Yokohama does not have its own airport. The surrounding Castle Ruins Park features kids rides and spring plum blossoms. If you travel enought to justify it, the JR East Yokohama-Minatomirai Pass may save you some money. The total area of the city is 69.57 square kilometres. For suburban areas, Yokohama has a subway and extensive commuter rail lines that crisscross the city from every direction and to all neighboring cities. The overwhelming majority of visitors to Yokohama arrive from Tokyo by train. 1 min walk from Yokohama Station. The Sky Garden Observatory on the top 69F provides good views. Remember, these are the general times of journeys between Yokohama and Shibuya. You can eat special Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki. 500 1st hr, then 200 every 30 min; under 13 yrs half price. Yokohama Subway () This train has two types: the "blue line (" and the "green line ()". If you're craving something a step above McDonald's or Wendy's, this is the place. Major Leager Daisuke Matsuzaka ate here in his school days. Public transit and walking works best. 2480, 9-12 years 1480, 4-8 years 1029.

7 minutes off the main route, 85% of way to Shibuya. The fare is 340-700 depending on the distance.

The providers that travel along this route include Hyperdia, and each operates according to their own specific schedules. Mon-Fri 11AM3PM, 5PM-9PM, Sat-Sun 11AM-9PM. Love love love! A "sea bus" [32] operates between JR Yokohama station (east exit), Minato Mirai and Yamashita Park, and is one of the nicest ways to get around on a sunny day. You can either walk from district to district as they are fairly close together, or buy single use train tickets to hop between each. There are 26 journeys with one change or more. Yokohama is located only half an hour away from Tokyo, and effectively forms a part of the giant conurbation. 23 minutes off the main route, 35% of way to Shibuya. Dont think about it - just click download right this minute. This passenger liner made 238 voyages across the Pacific to Seattle and Vancouver between 1930 and 1960, and served as a hospital ship during World War II. Lots of shopping options are spread out within it, including: Konaraku (),045-942-2626, 4-7 Omaru, Tsuduki-ku. Moreover, Stetsu has been promoting the project as the "Metropolitan Direct Linkage Project" (), as the link will enable connection from eastern Kanagawa into central Tokyo, and further north towards Saitama. This is a home ground of J league soccer teams, Yokohama F. Marinos and Yokohama FC. Planning to travel from Yokohama to Shibuya? Comfortable, inexpensive business hotel with free western breakfast. The laboratory of bacteriologist Hideyo Noguchi, who discovered the bacteria that causes syphilis and worked on yellow fever vaccines, and whose face adorns the 1000 note. To get there, take a bus in front of JR Sakuragicho Station. Try the deep-fried oysters (. Offers steak, chicken, pizza, salads, and buffets, as well as exotic cocktails. chinatown [4] In 2016, Toei announced that its 13 6300 series trainsets (1st and 2nd batch) would be replaced, and in 2019 9 new trainsets compatible with the Stetsu Line would begin service, with more trainsets to be produced until 2021. Japanese pop-culture and anime fans will get a kick out of this full size model of an 18m high Gundam figure that can move. Get free deals and discounts when you sign-up, Exclusive access to special promotions and deals, By signing up, you agree to our terms and conditions, You can find more information in our Imprint. JR through service trains will enter the Tkaido Freight Line once leaving Hazawa Yokohama Kokudai Station, via the Tokyo-side of Yokohama-Hazawa Freight Station, then enter Yokosuka Line (Hinkaku Line) tracks near Tsurumi Station, and after that they'll share the same route as the Shnan-Shinjuku Line, heading inbound towards Musashi-Kosugi, saki, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and head further north towards miya and Kawagoe, via the Saiky and Kawagoe Lines. Yokohama was the first port opened up to foreign trade after the opening of Japan in 1854. The city's many museums offer exhibits ranging from classical art (in the Tokyo National Museum) to a reconstructed kabuki theater (in the Edo-Tokyo Museum). Takes up the mid-section of the Landmark Tower. 7 minutes off the main route, 83% of way to Shibuya. Odawara is a city in central Japan. A restaurant is also on the premises. A ticket costs 100, and a 1 day pass costs 500.