About ten shops, several restaurants, and an art gallery are a beautiful extension to the largest indoor Christmas market in Norway. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. They really capture the spirit. Visiting Trondheim on a budget. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Bente. och en julkram! Ha en fin dag! Here you will find the finest Christmas gifts, Christmas trees and everything else you could want for the big Christmas party. Have your own disney experience with a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city centre! Trondheim Christmas Market kicks off a year of food and beverage delights as European Region of Gastronomy 2022. The spirit of Christmast is definitely in that market. Kanskje kommer jeg en dag for beske Trondheim i forjulstiden.

Lovely, helping to put me into the Christmas spirit! The market is open Monday through Sunday from noon till 8 pm. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Captured b. Glass factory Hadeland Glassverk is located in Jevnaker, just about 24 mi (40 km) north of Oslo. Jag var i Helsingr, och det brukar ocks vara mysigt, men det var inte riktigt julstmning p ngot stt, det kndes bara kommersiellt. They just didnt look like this.

Very pretty and festive and cold looking. What's that? The main Christmas market in Oslo is located in Spikersuppa, alongside Karl Johan street. Loved this post. A great way to get into the Christmas spirit. 2021 The List Media AS // Krambugata 2, 7011 Trondheim // editorial@thelist.no //+47 451 35 877. Located in the heart of Trondheim, the Christmas Market in Trondheim Torg is the best one in Central Norway. Kids are entertained with gingerbread workshops, Santa's residence, and handmade presents. If I was ever to dream of the perfect Christmas market this would be it! A bit early, but the cold has zapped our internet. christmas market europe Entertainment includes music and theater at the Torvscenen stage, carriage and sleigh rides. This is so beautiful! Franka. The List is as excited for the opening of our annual Christmas Market, julemarkedet in Trondheim as a child counting down the days to Christmas. I love the first one. Jota. Underbara bilder! . I love the European Christmas markets. Christmas in Norway would be particularly lovely. In the heart of the market you will find the citys tallest Christmas tree. I wish a Christmas market like that was only 2 hours away! Germany as well How generous ! It is such a nice tradition in Norway of giving trees. Hoping you have a wonderful holiday! It's a sensory experience with the perfect amount of nostalgia mixed with the best of holiday offers, full of local producers and great atmosphere, to meet your socialising needs. Jeg rakk aldri ta ned kameraet til julemarkedet i r, men neste r er jeg p plass. Beautiful photos, Bente! And, this being Christmas, what about a horse-drawn sleigh ride? ? The deep blue sky looks very different and special, very atmospheric. ? This is the 16th edition of the market in Trondheim, so its still relatively young compared to many of Scandinavias traditional Christmas markets, but its already looking like a bit of a classic. I have a portfolio from Julemarkedet i Trondheim in my photo gallery, and you can also see other photo galleries. As many restaurants are taking a holiday in July. The tree is stunning. In need of a Christmas spirit boost? Merry Christmas, Bente. De dr hjrtanen r helt underbara vad r de gjorda av? Here you can even enjoy a reindeer burger! or just decorations for the tree? We've gathered a Santas list of reasons for you to visit (more than once! De r underbart vackra! Some events take place outdoors on the festival stage, while others are held at Kaflavvo a large tipi-style tent, warmed by a crackling fire.

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I never heard of a Christmas market before, perhaps the closest thing we have here in the States would be all the extra vendors we find indoors at the mall this time of year. There have been a Christmas market in town for the last couple of weeks. Very festive and I think being out in the snow and cold makes it feel all the more like Christmas. You captured it so beautifully Bente.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Perfect gifts for family and friends. It's an excellent location for Christmas gift shopping and experiencing Norwegian holiday hygge. Other stalls sell handmade Christmas gifts and various crafts. Try to stay warm :-). Overall, it features about 90 exhibitors and 100 cultural events. Hjrtanen! Oh well, I will again someday. Change). This looks stunning, and hard to believe when we are experiencing extremely hot and humid weather. CityGuide ASFeviksvingen 10B, 2033 sgreinaOrg. (LogOut/ document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is so unbelievable charming. But since Trondheim is a medieval town, I am quite sure the Christmas market have a long history in norwegian towns. ? Your email address will not be published. I lived in Hamburg for a while and yes, I saw the Trondheim Christmas trees sent every year. Shoppers can buy cured meats and warm Norwegian sweaters.

I believe the huge tree in Trafalgar Square, London comes from Oslo each year. More than 90 exhibitors will be selling quality crafts and handmade products here, providing plenty of inspiration for last-minute gifts. Bente, I hope my niece who is staying with a host family in Aure, Norway is able to visit and enjoy a Christmas market like this. Du tok masse fine bilder. Great photos. My biggest thrill while visiting my brother in Holland was attending the Christmas market in Holland and Belgium. There is also a large Ferris wheel and an ice rink that add to the festive atmosphere. Dozens of cozy wooden stalls sell handicrafts, food, and hot drinks. Lovely pictures of the market, I can imagine the scent of spiced mulled wine, hot roasted nuts and all those other delicious things one can buy at those markets. Help Ukraine during the Russian invasion, Magical Maastricht Christmas Market & Light Route. 2021 Visit Trondheim AS. Are they edible? Taking place every December since 2003, the market offers fantastic food, beverages, Christmas trees, and crafts. There is a certain athmosphere in a market like this, and it was very nice even if it was quite cold. Quite a contrast to an Australian Christmas. : +47 92 600 100E-mail: brede@cityguide.no FLG OSS P INSTAGRAM, Elite DesignContact: yvind RauanPage layouts: Dainius TerekasIndustrigata 63 A0357 OSLOE-mail: post@elitedesign.noWeb: www.elitedesign.no, TRONDHEIM CITY GUIDEOSLO CITY GUIDELESUND CITY GUIDESTAVANGER CITY GUIDEBERGEN CITY GUIDETROMS CITY GUIDEEXCLUSIVE TRONDHEIMEXCLUSIVE OSLOEXCLUSIVE STAVANGER (coming soon)EXCLUSIVE BERGEN (coming soon) TRONDHEIM BY NIGHT CITYGUIDE, Every December the town square is transformed into a charming Christmas village, where you can try delicious. I love how all of the booths are lit up and decorated This truly puts me int eh Christmas spirit! The site covers the whole region, from cool cities like Stockholm, Oslo,Gothenburg and Copenhagen, all the way north to the frozen reaches of Swedish Lapland. Wonderful colours, so warm and golden in the blue hour and lovely hearts.

You can blow your own Christmas ball, go for a sleigh ride through the Christmas-theme decorated glassworks village, or skate on an indoor ice rink. Now this Christmas market I might be tempted to visit. h! Providers from all over the region come to sell their finest products. The market was held for the 10th time, with locally made crafts and food. z. To celebrate 19 years of julemarkedet and reawakening of society, take an unforgettable ride on the Christmas Market Ferris Wheel this year. Meanwhile, a farmers market will be on hand to offer local produce and specialities such as as honey, coffee, jam, cheese and local sweet treats. The depth of blue in the sky is such a beautiful contrast! (LogOut/ Some things are worth the time spent to see them. London is receiving a big tree every year as a token to say Captured by @nikahe, Patiently waiting for Summer to come back , N I D A R O S - For smaller groups, it is possible, Bad weather? By the way, the city of Trondheim send a big christmas tree to Hamburg in Germany every year. You will find the true Christmas spirit and can have plenty of mingling with locals in large heated tents. All rights reserved. See also:

Allt gott till dej! Thanks for the help when Norway was under the occupation Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Folkemuseum becomes a magical wonderland during Christmas. Christmas Market in Trondheim, it's the most wonderful time of the year, 2021 The List Media AS // Krambugata 2, 7011 Trondheim //. Love your photos of this market. its very pretty but oh so cold! Det ser mysigt och trevligt ut! Flotte, stemningsfulle bilder. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. De er veldig stemningsfulle og jeg ville vre gjerne der p julemarkedet. Locate some hand-crafted products from small-scale businesses that travel to the city exclusively for the Christmas market. Pic: Will Lee-Wright I really like the first 2 photos that dark blue sky is very pretty . Thu, 1 December 2022, 11:00 - Sun, 18 December 2022, 20:00, Wohooo, one week until the annual food and beer fe, Ilabekken is a blue-green corridor that connects t, Sunday calls for coffee and cinnamon bun at Tantes, Strolling Around Jeg visste ikke at Trondheim har denne tradisjon med julemarkeder. Frhjer julstmningen avsevrt! The hearts are lovely. Perfect for kids. Routes North was started to help people discover all of the amazing stuff that Scandinavia has to offer, regardless of their travel budget. We dont take freebies or discounts, so you can always trust what you read on the site. , This blog uses affiliate links and cookies, The Best (and Weirdest) Norwegian Christmas Traditions . (Dont tell Rudolph!). It was an hour drive for me to go, but well worth it. Have something to share, any questions or just want to get in touch? And to warm up during chilly nights, there is no better place than one of the cozy Christmas Markets, which offer delicious foods, warm beverages, and a cheerful atmosphere that can easily melt ice. Never had a camera then. (LogOut/ A giant Christmas tree contributes to the jolly atmosphere. ): Nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit like the smell of roasted almonds and wood-burning fires. It is cut just outside the city like the tree on these photos. Lovely pictures Bente. I can leave you a message but cant see your images. Its a great way to give a statement-gift.

Then head straight to Trondheim, where the annual Christmas fair will take place for nearly two weeks straight in mid-December. Vad r de gjorda av? With snow and real winter weather, Christmas is a great time in Norway! Yeah Id told you about the norwegians and danes you make the big ones and we make the small ones speaking christmas trees for the germans besides several town squares in Denmark have a big christmas tree from Trondheim every december so they can light up the christmas rush in the cities , About your portfolio from Julemarkedet i Trondheim in your photo gallery very well captured, really great work . The best thing about this market is the entertainment; special stages host no less than 130 events, keeping visitors of all ages happy and festive. You cant miss it! Its almost too big to seem real! Its to far away for me, but your photos are very nice Bente in the Netherlands are also Christmas markets and it is always nice te be there, greetings, Ann. Don't hesitate to reach out and we'll get back to you promptly. Decorated wooden chalets look the best during the magical "blue hour." nr. I am enjoying learning about the wonders of your country. Among the events will be charity concerts, choirs, theatre productions and fairytales for the children. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, or meet up with friends for a cozy break. All we have here is corporate monotony. The aromas of fresh bread and spices spread through the air as the sounds of traditional Christmas music fill people's hearts with joy. There are some Christmas markets over here, too, but I havent visited one yet. Theres nothing like snow combined with red and green to evoke that Christmas atmosphere. https://www.routesnorth.com/event/christmas-market-trondheim/. It would be more fun to shop outside! Especially as an international you can find foods you haven't even heard of. You won't be disappointed by the market's food stalls, offering seasonal treats, bakery, and mouthwatering delicacies. : 926 351 206Administration: +47 960 19 663E-mail: rino@cityguide.noWeb-contact:yvind Rauan +47 975 87 413E-mail: oyvind@cityguide.noProject/sales contact:Brede PedersenCell. Youre right, it was worth the drive. thanks for letting me enjoy the sights w/o getting cold! One of Norway's most beautiful Christmas markets is located right in the center of Bergen at Torgallmenningen Square. Every corner is a perfect shot. Here you can find items from producers that are only here for the weeks of the year. Det ville vre veldig skjnn. Oh how I wised I had. Fantastiskt vackert! Norwegian winter markets are all about comfort foods and cozy knits. I didnt know the Norway is sending a tree to Our travel guides are all researched on the ground by writers who know the areainside-outand speak the local lingo. The annual Norsk Folkemuseum's Christmas Fair features over 100 Christmas stalls, pony rides, farm animals, Santa's workshops, a candle factory, and exhibits about Norwegian Christmas traditions. All brought to you by Midtbyen Management. Merry Christmas. I love them. Spent many days wandering through the Prague markets last year and am hooked! An enormous tent located in the town square including 500 seats with beverage service, offering music from local troubadours. Wonderful photos! I hope you dont mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page? You are so fortunate. What a wonderful market. Merry Christmas to you (though its still some days), This year, the market offers over 90 different exhibitors who bring unique crafts and local food products. You can always find the best of locally produced food at the Christmas market.