Colwell, The Subaru Baja is worth pointing out and admiring if spotted in the wild. The vacuum-actuated four-wheel drive can be finicky, but the engines are relatively simple with readily available parts or replacements. It wasn't cheap, either. For a cheap workhorse you can park in the city, the last-gen Ford Ranger is a great buy. Austin Irwin, True BMW enthusiasts hold on to E39 wagons. Sure, you won't find a late-production six-speed for under $5000, but early cars can be had within budget fairly easily. Though they aren't the most stylish cars, they're practical, fuel-efficient and have a proven track record for standing the test of time.

This remarkable statistic shows the cars durability and reliability. Its Bose stereo had great OE sound, and the heated leather front seats added opulent comfort to its snug interior. You can roughly double those numbers to account for inflation. When you're wondering what you need to meet the legal requirements and keep your finances safe after an accident, an independent insurance agent can help. That kind of money can get you a ratty 325is, or a four-cylinder 318i in good condition. If the E30 is a bit too old for your tastes, consider its successor, the E36. When you're looking for a used car under $5,000, there are multiple factors you'll want to look at. See payments tailored to you, estimated loan rates, and budget tools to customize your shopping experience. Be sure to see if the two-piece spark plugs have been replaced as they have the tendency to snap off during removal. Plus it has a V-8 that sends power to the rear wheels, meaning there's plenty of fun to be had. This turbo-diesel is renowned for its robust durability and no-nonsense strength. Though it may be tough to find a first-gen Boxster under five grand, they're out there. Here's one with some mods listed for just $4000. beetle volkswagen convertible vw autopten 2003 cars texas beetles You won't see a rusty Insight because that's not what aluminum does. Unless it's a cash sale, spending $5000 (or less) works out to roughly $88 a month, based on a 5 percent interest-rate auto loan of 60 months and no money down. Aimed directly at the Germans, the LS400 changed the luxury-sedan world. Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Atlanta GA, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Boston MA, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Chicago IL, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Dallas TX, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Detroit MI, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Houston TX, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Los Angeles CA, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Miami FL, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in New York NY, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Philadelphia PA, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in Phoenix AZ, Used Cars for Under $5,000 Near Me in San Diego CA, Used 4x4 Trucks for Under $5,000 (with Photos), New Cars Under $20,000 for Sale Right Now, New Cars Under $15,000 for Sale Right Now, Used Cars for Under $20,000 (with Photos). Ford debuted the Escape in 2000 for the 2001 model year. By using this service, you accept the terms of our, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA Residents Only). When talking about cheap fun cars, it's hard not to mention the Miata. Top-shelf options add a 12-disc CD changer in the trunk and a head-up display. Ford's Taurus SHO sport sedan of the Nineties came with a high-revving Yamaha-tuned V-6 engine paired with a five-speed manual. The rear-wheel drive Cappuccino Kei car was never officially sold in the US, but thanks to our 25-year import law, they can now be brought into the country. Independent insuranceagents work with multiple insurance companies and can show you various quotes before you buy, so you know you're getting the best deal. It's no Fiesta ST, but the Focus SVT is still a hell of a hatchback if you're seeking cheap smiles. Sure, a few things don't work on my car, like one of the power windows and door locks. It was great and I had no problems. Looking for a nicely-styled, reliable, sporty GT car? BMW didn't import any wagons for the 2004 or 2005 model years, nor did we ever get an M5 Touring. This one can be yours right now for just $2500. This information is designed to help you with your decision-making, and it is not intended to provide advice. autopten dollars cheap 1000 David Beard, No one makes compact pickup trucks anymore. The only question left is when does the next flight leave for San Diego? Eric Stafford. But that will still get you an affordable car at a great price point. Austin Irwin, When the W140 S-class arrived at the end of 1991 as a 1992 model, it was a bit of a shock. If you know what to look for, it should be easy to get yourself behind the wheel of something good for the right price. This '98 coupe has a manual transmission, and you can own it. Some content provided by and under copyright by Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. They're all soft and padded, even on the glovebox. The Touring model was equipped with a subtle trunk spoiler and aluminum BBS-mesh wheels. Disposable because you can find them cheap; $5000 gets a Cherokee in any kind of build, like the one-owner, bone-stock, never off-roaded model we found in Orlando, Florida, to one that's mucked-up, lifted, and rooftop-tented. Durability: Consider whether parts have been replaced, or if you'll have to replace parts any time soon. Austin Irwin, Average gas prices have crawled back up to a national-average, wallet-burning $3.15 per gallon. Although it offered more than 400 miles of range on a single tank, the Insight wasn't offered with cruise control. The Ranger is basic and frugal. Watch videos of C/D editors browsing used-car listings to find the best (and worst) deals. Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage. While the styling was pulled from the European playbook, it has aged well. See payments tailored to you, estimated loan rates, and budget tools to customize your shopping experience. This means that it's even easier to snag one now, and for $5,000 or less. CarGurus Finance in Advance can help. It shared much of its bits and pieces with its cousin, the Honda Accord, but the first-generation TSX had more where it counted. Here's one in fair condition for sale on Facebook Marketplace now. Used cars for under $5,000 are no different. But don't sweat it if they do; there's a tool for every job. {"features":"","search_model_groups":"","result_per_page":"","model":"","search_results_on_page":0,"search_instance_id":"","search_make_models":"","search_min_price":null,"search_stock_type_standard":"all","canonical_mmt":"","cat":"multi_cats","seller_type":"","price":"","listing_ids":[],"transmission":"","web_page_type_from":"","filter_category_value":"","search_max_year":null,"multipleVehicles":false,"stock_type":"","search_zip":null,"search_trims":"","dealerSearchType":"multiple_dealers","interiorColor":"","search_min_year":null,"search_stock_sub":"","search_radius":null,"search_stock_type":"all","exterior_color":"","search_bodystyles":"","search_make_model_groups":"","total_results":"","bodystyle":"","search_makes":"","cpo_indicator":true,"make":"","resultsType":"no_results","fuel_type":"","search_max_price":"5000","search_models":"","search_make_model_trims":[],"searchCategory":"results","sort_order":"desc","vehicleArray":[],"sort_field":"searchRank1","stock_sub":"","result_page_number":"","result_page_count":""}. Changing filters in this panel will update search results immediately. And while a model from 2005 to 2009 is a bit older and will have some miles on it, the benefits far outweigh those minor issues. Come and embrace the warm glow of depreciation and look for something that's both great and affordableeven if it takes an hour to vacuum after it arrives in your driveway. It might be difficult to find a turbocharged model for under five grand, but naturally aspirated cars like this one can be sourced under budget all day long. First-gen models have all but disappeared, but that's fine. By accessing this website, you agree to the TrueCar Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Newer ones will take years to depreciate to under $5000, but examples like this 1997 model can be reliably found for good prices.

You might be able to negotiate a better price, too. You can handle this by: If the seller can provide you with this information, you're probably in the clear. The Conquest TSi (also know as the Starion) packs a turbocharged engine under the hood, and like the similarly-styled 944, puts its power to the rear wheels. If brand image is what you're after, there's no better cheap car than the Porsche 944. It's important to remember that while many used car lots certify their vehicles, you are not likely to find a certified, pre-owned car for under $5,000. For that you get a high-revving mid-mounted three-cylinder engine and a convertible top. First, the car was larger, heavier, and far more complex than its predecessor. And as inflated as the used-car market is right now, there are still affordable full-size trucks to be found. There aren't many to be found under $5000, but there are some. Now feel the same surfaces in the S70. Clifford Atiyeh, The 1991 Buick Park Avenue began to restore luster to the tri-shield badge. The EX coupe brought a new 240-hp V-6 and six-speed manual transmission, while the regular inline-four models introduced i-VTEC with cam phasing. You won't find the gorgeous third-generation twin-turbo RX-7 for under $5000. Go ahead and feel the lower dashboard and door trim of a brand-new Toyota. If the Corvette isn't really your thing, maybe you'll like the Camaro Z28. And a gigantic aftermarket means you can turn any Cherokee you buy into the Cherokee you dream of. Here's an ex-Police Interceptor on Facebook Marketplace now for $2800. 2023 Porsche 911 Sport Classic: The Greatest Hits, EV Makers Less Responsive to Customers: Study, Tested: Audi e-tron GT Is a True Sports Sedan, 2023 Porsche Taycan Gains Range and Charge Power, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Here are the most fun cars you can buy for less than $5000. Im very satisfied. Just be on the watch for rust, however. Autotrader has 249 Used for sale under $4,500 near Montgomery, TX, including a 1996 Dodge Dakota 2WD Club Cab, a 1998 Ford Expedition XLT, and a 2000 Nissan Altima SE ranging in price from $999 to $4,500. Sounds like a deal to us. Although similar in towing capacity to its Tahoe and Expedition competitors (6500 pounds in two-wheel-drive form), the Sequoia offers 10.6 inches of ground clearance. Stick to the classifieds in the south to avoid body panels that look like Swiss cheese, but not too far south as 4x4 models are less common in areas where theyre not needed. The Nissan 300ZX can check all of those boxes for you. First introduced in the United States for 2000, it's available with one of two butter-smooth engines, the 2.8-liter (later 3.0-liter) inline-six or the 4.4-liter V-8. All that sophistication and complexity (not to mention the cost of parts) has driven the value of these incredible cars down to a tiny fraction of their original cost. This will show issues with title, major accidents, and the car's service records. Standard luxuries include climate control, 10-way power seats, and a pollen filter. Whether you're looking for a first-, second-, or third-generation MR2 to add to your garage, you won't have much trouble finding one for under budget. Honda sells hundreds of thousands of Civics in the US every year. So something like 600 percent of it was made of aluminum. An example we found in California with 186,000 miles had the optional Bose audio systemwith a cassette and CD playerand a sunroof.

The TSX was a snappy entry-level sports sedan for its time, and it came with standard features other cars in its segment didn't offer, including 17-inch wheels and a Bluetooth stereo. Where you buy your car will depend - at least in part - on how you're going to pay. Going into the purchase realistically will make sure you don't get hung up on small details, too. 1986-2022. Believe it or not, the first-gen SLK has depreciated under the $5000-mark. It used the same 205-hp 3.0-liter V-6 found in the non-turbo sports car, but it also shared the same fantastic multilink suspension that gave the luxury sedan sports-car control. Clifford Atiyeh. Get a Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer. Jonathan Ramsey, While the desire to daily drive a sports car might be high, owning a pickup truck is the more sensible choice for many Average Joes. Our top suggestions for cars that could cost you less than $90 a month. Get real-time updates when the price is lowered or when theres new matches for this search. What to look for in a car in this price range. Current mileage may vary from that stated due to test drives or other intervening driving of the vehicle. The NB2 chassis, made from 2001 to 2005, is the most desirable because it carried improved projector headlights, additional chassis support, and an engine with higher compression and variable valve timing. Like all Ford models, parts are standard, easy to come by, and inexpensive. Pretty much any non-M3 version can be found under budget, whether you want a strong inline-six or a frugal four-banger. Hybrid vs. Gas Cars. As long as the timing belt is changed, and the starter doesn't failit's buried in the heart of the enginethe LS400 should soldier without fuss for years. This is a price-related factor.

Tony Quiroga, Maybe the Mazda Miata is too small for your needs, but if it isn't, it's perfect.

Here we discuss: Realistic expectations are important when you're shopping on a budget. It might be the cheapest way to maximize an entertaining track day. In today's world of SUVs, however, the Lexus looks low and small. Make sure to test every power window switch and door handle, as those are somewhat common problems among the J models.

and TrueCar, Inc. All rights reserved. We may earn money from the links on this page. Because it's popular, and the mechanics aren't overly complicated, it's easy to fix if something breaks. The original American hybrid is still one of the most efficient today, with an EPA highway rating of 61 mpg. Here's one for sale now. As of July 2010, 90% of all Toyota Camrys sold since 1995 were still on the road. Thanks to its popularity as a drift car, it's getting harder and harder to locate a nice 240SX for less than $5000. Toyota crafted a V-8 just for this car, gave it a sumptuous interior with features that premium customers demanded, and then priced it at $35,000. No serious accidents, but some scratches or other cosmetic damage, Looking for a current state inspection sticker, Asking the seller for records of the cars maintenance and repairs. They can easily be found for under budget on Craigslistthough finding one with a manual transmission may be a bit tougher.