18 August: Government forces recaptured Marere south of Mocimboa da Praia. 23 April: 5 civilians were killed and 7 homes were burned down after insurgents attacked a district of Palma. ", "Mocmboa da Praia: problema com ataques controlado? 3 May: 7 displaced civilians from Palma were killed and several more were killed after insurgents sunk two boats carrying displaced people off the coast of Ilha Mucongwe. On 5 January 2019, Mozambican authorities unlawfully detained journalist Amade Abubacar, who had reported on the insurgency. Rwandan casualties are unknown. On 21 March, residents of the village of Manilha abandoned their homes after witnessing armed men carrying out attacks in the surrounding area on the banks of the river Quinhevo. 5 February: Insurgents raided several areas between Macomia town and Pemba. marauder paramount armoured mozambique cabo iscap boosted luncurkan singapura defenceweb blindati artiglierie mozambico sudafricani libia dhpi 19 November: Over 1,000 Mozambican troops recaptured. Religious competition and state mediation in contemporary Mozambique", Insurgency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudanese conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, 20162017 Gambian constitutional crisis, ECOWAS military intervention in the Gambia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Insurgency_in_Cabo_Delgado&oldid=1098106510, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, CS1 Brazilian Portuguese-language sources (pt-br), CS1 European Portuguese-language sources (pt-pt), Articles with sections that need to be turned into prose from May 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles with failed verification from August 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Mozambican ex-policemen and ex-frontier guards, On 5 October, a pre-dawn raid targeted 3 police stations in the town of. Russia has deployed the Wagner Group, a private security organization heavily linked to the Russian government[219] in Northern Mozambique but failed its mission to support counter-insurgency activities and withdrew in 2020. On 12 June,a group of armed men attacked the village of Nathuko in the Macomia district in the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado. [211], Terrorist activity is viewed as a risk to international LNG investment, with concerns raised about the kidnapping of foreign workers. [214], Attacks on maritime infrastructure can be attributed to rising social inequality. On 27 May, ten people, including children, were beheaded in the village of Monjane in the Palma district of Cabo Delgado province. 1 October: Insurgents attacked Quitico, near Olumbe in southern Palma district.

Unknown date(Late January): There were clashes between government-backed militias and IS militants in Panjele, Mocimboa da Praia district, leading to the deaths of 3 government-backed militiamen and an unknown number of insurgents. [218], The deteriorating security situation has led to various international efforts in order to support Mozambiques maritime capabilities and ensure safety along the coast. 15 May: Insurgents in Quifula Island in the Quirimba Islands (Ibo, Cabo Delgado) killed a fisherman. 29 December: ISCAP militants attacked the village of Monjane, forcing the local population to flee the area. 15 July: Insurgents attacked the village of Congresso, north of Macomia town. Also on 5 February, insurgents ambush a Mozambican army patrol near Nova Zambezia, Macomia district, resulting in the deaths of 5 insurgents and one Mozambican soldier. 27 November: IS claimed responsibility for an attack on the village of Naulala, also in Niassa province. 28 July: ISIL claims an attack on Mozambican militia near Nampanha, killing 2 militiamen. On 3 November, suspected Ansar al Sunna insurgents looted houses and set on fire at least 45 houses in an isolated village in the Macomia District, no casualties were reported in the incident. 12 November: Mozambican authorities detain 12 Iraqi nationals for supposed links to Islamist insurgents after discovering numerous weapons and other equipment in their possession. 30 January: On 30 January, militants attacked the village of Nkonga, Nangade district, just west of the border with Mocimboa da Praia.

On the same day 4 insurgents were killed in a clash with Mozambican forces at Mandimba, in eastern Nangade district. The terrorists decapitated a villager, burned down several houses and killed all the animals. [57] Over time, the group became increasingly violent: It called for Sharia law to be implemented in the country,[15] no longer recognized the Mozambican government, and started to form hidden camps in Macomia District, Mocmboa da Praia District, and Montepuez District. On 6 June, at least six people were killed and two seriously injured when terrorists armed with knives and machetes attacked the village of Namaluco in the Quissanga district. Reports also state that members are allegedly mostly Mozambicans from Mocimboa da Praia, Palma, and Macomia districts, but also include foreign nationals from Tanzania and Somalia. 19 July: Insurgents attacked the village of Namande, killing 3 civilians. 6 December: 4 insurgents were killed by Mozambican militiamen during a firefight in the village of Nkoe, Macomia district. Both men were Mozambican nationals. In mid March: The town of Palma is effectively besieged by insurgents via cutting off supply lines most notably food supplies.

10 November: Islamic State (IS) insurgents killed a man in the village of 5 Congresso in northern Macomia district claiming he was a spy for the Mozambican government. On the same day, government forces launched an offensive operation in Ntuleni, Palma district, killing an unknown number of insurgents, who were also using civilians as human shields. The district government stated that both men studied Islam in. On 29 December, the independent Mozambican newspaper "O Pais" reported that Mozambican paratroopers and marines attacked the village of Mitumbate via air and sea, regarding it as a stronghold for the insurgents. On 24 November, in the northern Mozambican province of, On 29 November, the group attacked the villages of Mitumbate and Maculo, injuring two and killing at least two people. 15 June: 7 dead civilians were discovered near Novo Cabo Delgado, Macomia district. From mid-2018, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has allegedly become active in northern Mozambique as well,[14] and claimed its first attack against Mozambican security forces in June 2019. In November, a number of government troops and 5 fighters from the Wagner Group were killed in an ambush, with ISIL claiming responsibility for the attack.

Whilst in the town, insurgents reportedly killed 1 civilian and 2 policemen in addition to looting the town. Looting houses, burning four houses and killing one person and taking three hostages. The military's target was to sign up 14,952 new soldiers from the province. 25 February: insurgents attacked the village of Luneque, Nangade district, killing at least 4 civilians and forcing several others to flee. Insurgents also killed 2 civilian farmers near the village of Eduardo Mondlane, east of Litingina. Upon reaching the insurgents, 3 of the vigilantes were shot dead. [221] Mozambique has formed an arrangement with Italy to train its navy,[222] while Portugal, the former colonial power, has donated speedboats to the country. 8 September: Insurgents captured two islands, Mecungo and. 68 February: Armed forces recaptured Nihca de Rovuma and Pundanhar villages where jihadists have set up their camps. According to a source quoted by Pinnacle News, 30 insurgents were involved in the attack and the raiders remained in the town until the next morning. 23 September: 2 buses carrying Mozambican soldiers were attacked, resulting in the death of at least one person. [34] In addition, bandits have exploited the rebellion to carry out raids. 15 January: ISIS operatives abducted 3 Mozambican militia fighters from Nova Zambezia and executed them by beheading. 22 September: Mozambican forces attacked an insurgent camp in a rural area near Quiterajo, Macomia district, killing 5 insurgents. The attack killed 3 civilians, the Mozambican military surrounded the insurgents after the attack and killed all 7 of the insurgent group. 20 July: Rwandan troops and insurgents clashed in the village of Quionga, north of Palma. The ensuing firefight left 7 insurgents and 4 Mozambican militiamen dead. 4 June: Government forces repelled insurgent attack on Namacunde. There has been no confirmation on casualties. Increasing inequalities have led many young people to be easily attracted by such a radical movement,[58][33][57][56] as Ansar al-Sunna promises that its form of Islam will act as "antidote" to the existing "corrupt, elitist rule". 17 November: ISIL insurgents reportedly threatened to attack the town of Mueda, warning all residents to evacuate the area by 20 November. 23 January: Insurgents attacked the village of Limualamuala, beheading 3 civilians and burning down several buildings. Histoire dune monte en puissance", "The 1996 Muslim holiday affair. On 21 October, a pre-dawn skirmish took place between the group and government forces in the fishing village of Maluku, approximately 30 kilometres (19mi) from Mocmboa da Praia. 30 April: Reports of fresh clashes between Mozambican troops and insurgents in Palma began to surface after insurgents burnt more buildings in the town, in the days prior, in an attempt to force Mozambican troops out. 28 May: around 90 Islamist fighters attacked the town of Macomia and raised the black standard flag.

26 February: insurgents attacked Quirinde, Palma district, killing 7 people, 3 of which were beheaded. On 13 January, a group of terrorists entered the town of Olumbi in the Palma district around 8pm and fired into a market and a government administrative building, killing 5. [229], The rebels have committed extensive war crimes, targeting and murdering civilians on many occasions during the insurgency. 231, 2009, 6380. Since the amnesty for surrendering expired, stated that 36 Tanzanian citizens would be targeted by the operations. 12 November: IS claimed responsibility for capturing and beheading 3 Mozambican soldiers in Namatil, Mueda district. Understanding Northern Mozambique's Vulnerabilities", "Insurgents seize Mozambique port in gas-rich region, local media say", "Strategic Options for Managing Violent Extremism in Southern Africa: The Case of Mozambique", "Fight Against Mozambique's Insurgency Must Include Maritime Security", "The Mozambique Channel troubled waters? [33] The movement is also anti-Christian, anti-Animist, and anti-Western, and has tried to prevent people from attending hospitals or schools which it considers secular and anti-Islamic. Bonate, Liazzat J. K., "Muslim Religious Leadership in Post-Colonial Mozambique." Bonate, Liazzat J. K., "LAgence des musulmans dAfrique. 22 October: The EU agrees to assist Mozambique in combating the insurgency in Cabo Delgado. 28 September: Insurgents attacked the village of Litiminha, Mueda district, and beheaded 7 civilians. 23 June: ISIS attacked positions of the Mozambican army in Patacua, just south of Quitunda in Palma district. 7 January: The village of Nashi Bandi was attacked by ISIS operatives, killing two Christian Mozambican militiamen and destroying at least 30 houses. [15][57] This behavior alienated much of the local population instead of converting them to Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jamo, so that the movement's members broke away and formed their own places of worship. On 3 January, Mozambican police announced that the attacks on 29 December were classified as acts of terrorism. Finding its root in the precarious economic situation and the political marginalization of the native population, local conflicts have been used to radicalize young men. The attackers also burned down several houses. 17 July: Insurgents attacked the village of Mitope, in the northwest of Mocimboa da Praia district. 14 July: ISIS claim an attack on the village of Ncumbi, in which 4 civilians were killed. Conflicts on the land spill over to the sea, creating an unsafe environment for offshore investments. Morier-Genoud, Eric, "A Prospect of Secularization? ", "US deploys Green Berets to defeat ISIS-linked insurgents accused of beheading children on a new front in southern Africa", "Portugal to help Mozambique train forces against militants", "Portugal to send troops to Mozambique after brazen Palma attack by Islamic insurgents", "SAS joins hunt for missing British contractor Phil Mawer after Mozambique attack", "AU confirms ISIS infiltration in East Africa", "Beheadings, kidnappings amid surge in Mozambique attacks: UN", "The March 2021 Palma Attack and the Evolving Jihadi Terror Threat to Mozambique", "Captured insurgents will be presented publicly", "Designation of Abu Yasir Hassan as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist", "US designates ISIS-Mozambique and its Tanzanian leader as 'terrorists' | Upstream Online", "Inside ISIS' new capital as terrorists carry out beheadings and take sex slaves", "Cabo Ligado Weekly: 4 October - 10 October", "Mozambique police name "ringleaders" behind Islamist threat", "Cabo Ligado Weekly: 27 September-3 October", "An overview of foreign security involvement in Mozambique", "MOZAMBIQUE: 'SA private military contractors' and Mozambican airforce conduct major air attacks on Islamist extremists", "An Islamist insurgency in Mozambique is gaining ground and showing a strong allegiance to the Islamic State", "Crise au Mozambique: "l'insurrection au Cabo Delgado a des racines locales et anciennes", "US forces to train Mozambique's marines to fight jihadist insurgency", "Mozambique: Former Policemen Train Islamist Group", "Islamic State claims first attack in Mozambique", S.Africa approves use of 1,495 military personnel to help Mozambique fight insurgents, "Zimbabwe to Dispatch Troops to Help Mozambique Fight Insurgency", "Portugal envia 60 militares para Moambique aps ataque em Palma", "Botswana sends troops to help Mozambique fight insurgency", "In Push for Africa, Russia's Wagner Mercenaries Are 'Out of Their Depth' in Mozambique", "Twenty-ninth report of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team submitted pursuant to resolution 2368 (2017) concerning ISIL (Da'esh), Al-Qaida and associated individuals and entities", "SADC Summit focuses on Mozambique insurgency: 5 January 2022", "Lesotho soldier is latest SAMIM fatality: 6 December 2021", "Growing terrorism in Mozambique, with suspected links to ISIS, wreaking havoc with no end in sight", "Mozambique says northern village, site of 'beheadings', retaken", "Displaced Nearing 400,000 in Mozambique's Islamist Insurgency | Voice of America - English", "Homens armados entregam-se s autoridades em Mocmboa da Praia", "Mozambique: Islamist Raids Continuing in Mocimboa Da Praia", "Alleged Islamist base shelled near Mocimboa da Praia - By Joseph Hanlon", "Mozambique Palma terror attack: 'I can't go back', "Populao captura supostos membros do grupo armado que atacou Mocmboa da Praia", "Is northern Mozambique faced with an emerging extremist threat? South African Historical Journal, No 60 (4), 2008, 637654. 12 June: A group of self-appointed vigilantes tried to confront some remaining insurgents with machetes in north Palma. ligado cabo