Its a 24 question, multiple-choice exam. If you have a fitness industry or sports science qualification, you will find the pre-course work to be very simple. She is an. Here are just a few of the local events in Buffalo, NY that weve participated in: As a small business, we also believe that we have a responsibility for our city. Your email address will not be published. We will share knowledge and provide quality instruction driven by dance and exercise science principles. I paid for my course in full and have no business relationship with Xpert or X-Pole. Chloe led us through an Xpert style warm-up, tailored to the needs of an L1 group. She is a graduate of the Balanced Body Mat Pilates training program (102 Hours) and a Qualified Vertical Arts Athletics Instructor (Formally Pole Art Athletics) in Pole-ates. I was already working as a pole instructor, teaching L1-L2 classes. The connection between mind & body and the creative expression of emotion through dance has restored her strength and passion for life after battling health issues and the resulting changes in her physical body. We are committed to helping you succeed. The XPERT Fitness teacher training is accredited with multiple worldwide organisations so is recognised across the globe. Like our face-to-face course you must attend the full 16 hours to be able to complete the training. To re-test or for more info about the re-testing process, email Upon registering for the training, you will receive access to your online anatomy and physiology pre-learning and our move by move video library.

Do you find the online live training to be interactive (between the instructor as well as other students) or is it more like listening to the instructor talk? Please see our terms and conditions for full cancellation policy. You do need to be able to show that you can clearly perform the move and teach this, so we recommend that when you book on you look at our online videos to help you. The XPERT teacher training has a practical and written exam, you need to pass both elements to be able to complete the training. Gaby and Tammy took over in September 2018, people of all folx are welcome.

Based on my experience, if you have been poling for only 6-12 months (without significant experience in a related discipline), theres a good chance you will find aspects of this training uncomfortably challenging. Leave a comment below, drop me an email at [emailprotected] or leave a comment on my facebook page and Id be happy to help you out. We had been previously advised that we were also being assessed on this part of the day. I would, however, recommend that you can do: Youll still be able to participate in the course if these moves are hard for you, or even if theyre currently out of your reach. Tracy is a certified, Harmoni is passionate about helping others find the beautiful connection between mind and body in a safe, inclusive, encouraging environment that promotes growth and a love for the art of movement. Thanks for reaching out! The last activity of the day was the theory exam. You do not have to have a group exercise certificate to do our training, however to gain CECs with these companies you need to be a member. The rest of the afternoon was spent working through the 39 L1 pole moves contained in the handbook. Hi Sara-May, your post was very informative and it was the only review Ive managed to find on the xpert courses, so thank you! It was a nice way to start to connect with the other course participants. Then we jumped straight into running through the technique for the 26 L2 moves included in the handbook. Once you have passed your training, you can gain access to your XPERT badge, online certificate and your XPERT discounts, be able to apply for insurance with any of our insurance partners and proudly place your logo on your social media accounts or website, plus benefits including discount with XPOLE, Pole Safe Federation and many more. At the recommendation of a friend, she tried pole dancing and was instantly in love! After college, Tammy wanted to continue learning and decided to try something she always wanted to explorepole fitness! She is thrilled to be a part of the Studio Rouge community and to help other womxn discover what pole can do for them! Ive mentioned to a number of friends and colleagues that I was planning on doing a pole qualification, and I was surprised by how many people commented that you cant really learn to be a pole instructor in a weekend course. Her own personal discovery & journey in aerial/dance has been life changing. Her favorite part of teaching pole and exotic dance is meeting some of the most amazing women in Ohio, helping them find their own exotic side, confidence, and strength inner and outer! Im glad you enjoyed the post. Workbook, Mentor Session, Written Exam, Practical Exam. YES you will need to be able to do all the moves to be able to understand how to teach them correctly. The XPERT teacher training is a teacher training so you will learn how to teach each move rather than learning how to do the move. What should I do to prepare for this training? In-depth class design and lesson planning. The studio opened on December 1, 2018. Aub is a certified. You do not need to be part of an association to do your XPERT Fitness Training. She loves the way this art form and this studio both encourage strength, individuality, and women cheering each other on. The second day of training started with Chloe leading us through an L2 level warm-up. We provide three options for re-testing.

We were told we would also need to introduce ourselves as we would at the beginning of a group class, teach regressions and progressions for each move, and demonstrate our ability to spot appropriately and safely. The same email also contained links to the video database for the training and to the pre-course work. The first day of the training will be split between lecture and practical. To pass the course you must pass BOTH elements of the training and be able to confidently perform each move within the manual. For one, I think that investing in continuing education is almost always worthwhile, even if you end up learning what NOT to do. She is so thankful to be a part of theStudioRougecommunity and is thrilled to share her passion and excitement for pole, hoop, and dance with her students! Adrienne began coaching and choreographing girls competitive team dance in Westervillewhere she led her squads to state and national titles. Resubmit your practical assessment via video for no charge. Sarah is an. Will any materials be provided to me at the training that I can use as a study guide? The training places a special emphasis on safety and spotting techniques, as well as safe and effective class design. Hi Tendelle! What can I expect over the course of the 2-day training? If you are looking to become an instructor, assistant or even if you already have years of knowledge this training is the perfect start to your XPERT journey. She is a, From a young age, Sarah began her love affair with doing crazy tricks. Adrienne has a background in multiple facets of dance spanning 28 years. Through merchandise sales and donation-based classes, weve raised funds for several organizations that are providing essential resources, fighting inequalities, and empowering the underserved within our community, including FeedMore WNY, Open Buffalo, and Grassroots Gardens of Western New York. Is there a detailed outline of topics that will be covered over the course of the 2-day training? I also believe that someone with significant pole experience, but no teaching experience is not the best person to teach a pole class. She enjoys the blend of artistry, athleticism, and sensuality that pole fitness can give any dancer. #xpertproud #xpert #polefitness #instructortraining #xpoleuk, A post shared by Chloe Anderson (@chloeandersonpole) on Apr 28, 2019 at 12:17pm PDT. Since then, she has been exploring various styles of both aerial and exotic dance and has grown to enjoy them all, although pole will always be her first love. Please also bring a coat or jumper in the cold seasons as not all studios have heating.

I think, at the very least, someone who is teaching pole should have at minimum, a fundamental knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how it applies to sports. Before you attend the training we recommend that you go into your XPERT account via the website. Someone who does not have any pole experience will absolutely not be able to learn enough in a weekend to teach a pole class. Pole Fitness is a great form of exercise. As our leading beginner/intermediate teacher training program the 1&2 covers all you need to know to teach safe, effective, and fun beginner/intermediate static pole classes. No matter your skin color, sexuality, gender or a. gender, body shape or size, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or background, we hope to welcome you as important member of the studio community. Im also familiar with many of the Xpert Master Trainers and I respect their collective experience and depth of knowledge. Harmoni has been. As part of the Studio Rouge community, Aub loves assisting her students in connecting positively with their bodies while also supporting them in pushing their limits to find the amazing things they are capable of! To be able to instruct well we highly recommend that you attend classes and make sure you practise and master what you are looking to teach. You must have a minimum of 6-month pole fitness experience, this training does have a practical and a written exam. Im thinking of doing this course in the UK as well once COVID restrictions are lifted. You can choose where you attend, whether it be at home or in a studio. Check you have all the correct details and arrive at the training 15 mins prior to the start. I do however think that the people pooh-poohing the qualification are perhaps missing the point. After working through the theory, we participated in an L1 masterclass. She competed in the 2017 PCS Pole Open at the Arnold Classic and finished 4thin the Novice Division. Each day is a full 8 hours, and you will need to attend the whole course. You will receive your hard copy manual on the first day of the training and must pass both the written and practical exam element to pass the course. Required fields are marked *. I LOVED the online live training. The benefits of the Live Online is that you can be any where in the world to take the course and enjoy the group environment.

Hi Esther, Im so glad you found the article helpful! PLUS, regressions and progressions. trained by Roz the Diva for "Coaching Plus Sized Athletes" and is a certified Cleo's Rock N Pole Instructor. Option 1: Face to Face Training Our in-person, face to face training is an intense 2-day teacher training, held in a hosting studio. XpertPole Fitness (Levels 1&2) certified instructor.

We can supply a German Manual If attending Heels, please bring heels and knee pads. Ongoing education will enhance teaching skills and techniques. An absolute pleasure to teach such an amazing and talented group . XPERT Pole Fitness 1&2 was our first released program and has been developed over the years to what it is today. Helping you to be confident and to help define your shape and become strong. There will be a one hour lunch break each day. Check your spam folder for our reply! Pole was her way of dipping her toe back into that world and reclaiming her identity as a mover and a woman. I initially elected to take the Xpert certification, because I had attended a number of workshops with Sarah Scott, and had followed her online for a long time. After a quick introduction/icebreaker round, we dove headfirst into the theory part of the day. After everyone finished their exam, it was feedback time. Let me know if you decide to go ahead! Got questions about my experience? Option 2: Live Online Training Our Live Online training is very similar to our face to face, held over 2 days and with a similar structure. At the time of writing this article, the Xpert Pole Instructor Training that I joined is $599 USD. Studio Rouge opened in February of 2011 in the heart of Grandview. But with some knowledge of the human body and some hands-on teaching experience, I think it is perfectly possible to teach a safe and effective pole class. For me, learning the Xpert spotting techniques was the most valuable takeaway. She is addicted to the overwhelming amount of happiness, pride, and satisfaction from helping the beautiful souls she has the honor of teaching. Not only is it great for an all over workout it is great for wellbeing and mental health. It was a great way to start the day. Hi Sara-May, Thanks so much for taking the time to write this comprehensive and helpful review on what to expect from the course. To be able to do this training, you must have the correct equipment and good Wi-Fi.

The benefit of Face-to-face training is that you are in a group environment which allows you to bounce ideas off each other and get that interaction with the trainer.

Throughout elementary school, she practiced gymnastics, which was later translated into cheerleading during middle school, high school and college. As a professional, do you know of any instructor who got certified by IPDFA and their experience as compared with yours? The zoom mentor sessions are 3 hours long and must be completed. Electric Daisy Fitness is a pole dance studio in Buffalo, NY. My instructor was Jakub Kolasa and he was super interactive. Gabrielle joined the studio in 2014 to make friends and try something new. Is there a written and/or practical exam? If you need any assistants, our mentors are available to answer any questions. Adrienne fell in love with pole dance & fitness in2012 She has placed 1 stat the PCS Pole Open Championships at the Arnold Sports Festival (2016, 2018) and 1 st place at North American Pole Dance Championships (2018). emma nicholson instructor pole star dancing approved spinners