They will also give you personal advice and providean application form which you must fill out and hand in with the required documents. The BVA processes different procedures in consultation with the Federal Foreign Office's missions abroad. In many cases it can take several months. Everything might be okay. Any other recent experience? Depending on which federal stateyou live in, you will have to take the steps to renounce your previous nationality yourself. This is the case, for example, if the applicant has alow income or several children are to be naturalised at the same time. If you received your certificate of naturalization from a German domestic authority, you must contact that authority. My parents were not German nationals. The Federal Office of Administration (BVA) carries out specific procedures to determine whether or not applicants are German citizens. It ascertains when and by what means you have become a German national and whether or not you have lost your German citizenship. Germans living abroad usually lose their German citizenship on becoming foreign nationals unless they have applied at the BVA for a permission to retain German citizenship. Let me show you why my clients always refer me to their loved ones. The BVA decides upon the admission of ethnic German resettlers and places them in the federal states. I don't know. It can also be established, upon application, that you are not a German citizen. Its also possible to get around this ruling if denying German citizenship would mean the child is stateless. Children who become German citizens in this way must however decide between the age of 18 and 23 whether they want to retain German citizenship or the citizenship of their parents. Maybe think about asking them in november My immigration lawyer told me that it is very counterproductive to ask or even push the BVA for status Information or expedited process. Find out all about the different routes to German citizenship and how to become a citizen of Germany. For applicants living abroad, the Federal Office of Administration in Cologne, Germany, is the competent authority to deal with citizenship matters. In addition to the form, youll need to supply the following documents to prove that you meet the naturalization requirements: When you have collected all completed documents, you need to submit your application to the office which originally issued the application form. This is also the case if a child is adopted by German parents when they are under 18.

The application process and fees are the same as for naturalization. There are also three additional questions relating to the federal state where the applicant lives. It can also be established that you are not a German citizen. You may also have to serve in the German military in certain situations. Such a naturalization does not automatically include children, grandchildren and other descendants. The duration of the processfrom the time you apply to the presentation of the certificate varies from case to case. Alternatively, a procedure can be carried out to confirm that you are (still) a German citizen. Chances are very much increased by a readiness to relinquish all previous nationalities. I lost my German citizenship because I acquired a foreign nationality. Separate applications have to be submitted and the above criteria apply.For further advice, please contact the competent German mission covering your place of residence. Certificate of Citizenship., Ute Grabowsky/ However you have to have been married for at least two years. English-language discussions and news relating to Germany and German culture. In order to apply for citizenship, youll need to pass the German citizenship test. However this only applies to children born on or after 1 January 2000. Can I become a German citizen even though I am not living in Germany. German citizenship law is relatively complicated. I didn't provide any proof of residency other than what is stated on the naturalization papers. birth, marriage, or adoption) and/or political, legal developments (such as collective naturalizations during World War II or the acquisition of a foreign nationality).Applicants whose German citizenship has been established are issued a certificate of nationality. To hand in the complete application with all documentsplease contact the consular section for an appointment here: The fee for a certificate of nationality is 25 EUR, the fee for a negative certificate is 18 EUR. Another suggested calling the BVA but I'm not even sure how to do that and my German is poor so I'd have to have someone else do it for me. The Federal Office of Administration still carries out numerous naturalizations of people whose citizenship was revoked during the National Socialist era and their descendants, restoring the German citizenship to which they are legally entitled. We hope you understand that we cannot respond individually to questions featured in this catalogue. Most expats will need to apply for German citizenship by naturalization. What can I do. Multiple citizenship is possible in many cases. Can I complete a course of study in Germany? It is to be paid after the processing is completed. Please note that the whole application procedure must be conducted in German. No matter their experience level they agree GTAHomeGuy is THE only choice. I submitted my application packet by mail directly to the bva in March 2020. Applications are assigned to staff in the order that they are received. You will automatically acquire this citizenship and the German authorities will normally contact you when you reach the age of 18 to see if you wish to retain your German citizenship. Yes, in principle this is possible. Neither of us have German nationality, but we have lived for years in Germany. If you move around the world by choice, consider helping those forced from their homes by conflict. However, this is only temporary. But he really thinks they will not investigate this and his brother, my uncle, thinks so too and my uncle is an immigration lawyer in the USA and Spain (different countries i know but that was his opinion after he read the laws and processes for Germany). Please note that this is only possible if your certificate of naturalization was issued by the Federal Office of Administration. I was born in Germany. The naturalization becomes effective when the certificate of naturalization is handed over. I'm well aware that processing time seems to be slowing down, given Brexit (and perhaps also the slow-motion implosion of the US). The Federal Expellees Act is the basis for the recognition of people as ethnic German resettlers. The only way of preventing the loss of German citizenship is if the applicant obtained permission to retain the nationality by the German authorities prior to acquiring the foreign nationality. This is by right of soil. In such cases, a so-called negative certificate is issued. Being arrested for a serious crime or considered by the authorities as a threat to German security this only applies to those who obtain German citizenship through naturalization. Mastery of the German language and proof of ties to Germany are just as important as the prognosis that the applicant for citizenship will not require state funds for maintenance if he/she moves to Germany. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email - Rather, your father and/or mother have to have been German citizens at the time of your birth. An exception applies to Germans who become naturalized citizens of another EU Member State or Switzerland: they do not lose their German citizenship and thus do not need any retention permit (legal situation in force as from 28 August 2007). Vordrucke und Merkbltter zur Beibehaltung der deutschen Staatsangehrigkeit (Retaining German citizenship). Please understand, that due to the complexity of the matter, BVA may ask for additional information or documents at any point during the process. Critically, he acquired American citizenship at the age of 17 at the request of his parents after they themselves had become US citizens. It does not help to send your application directly to the BVA instead of through a consulate because the BVA will only respond to your application through your relevant consulate. Many events in the applicants and their ancestors lives can be significant for the acquisition or loss of the German citizenship, including personal and family events (e.g. For children who are to be naturalised with their parentsthe fee is 51.00 per child. Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Centre of Excellence for Asylum, Migration and Integration in Germany, Preparatory questionnaire for naturalisation test. German nationals born abroad on or after 1 January 2000 should note that any children of theirs born outside Germany will acquire German nationality only if the parents report the birth to the competent German mission abroad before the child's first birthday. In some cases, the law of the other country may however dictate a need to choose. I filed my application for German citizenship ( Staatsangehrigkeitsausweis) in May of 2019 and am trying to assess how long this will take. For foreigners in Germany, nationality offers much more stability. The child must however decide at some stage between the age of 18 and 23 whether to retain his/her German nationality or another nationality acquired by birth. If you meet all of the requirements listed above, you can then apply for citizenship. If your citizenship application in Germany is turned down or if you have a complaint about the way your application or query has been handled, you can complain to the BVA. Anyone have any experience with an analogous situation? The following questions and answers can therefore only cover the issues which currently dominate the inquiries received by the help desk. However, certain people can hold two citizenships: There are also special cases when it comes to dual citizenship between Germany and the UK, and Germany and the USA. Does our child have to choose between the two in later life? Press J to jump to the feed. "My immigration lawyer told me that it is very counterproductive to ask or even push the BVA for status Information or expedited process. Any child born to one foreign parent and one German parent, or to a parent holding German dual nationality, will get citizenship of all their parents nationalities. To apply, youll need to make an appointment at the citizens office (brgeramt) in your municipality, and must attend in person as your fingerprints will be taken for a biometric passport. For applicants living abroad, the Federal Office of Administration is the competent authority to deal with citizenship matters. Even if you have lived in Germany for eight years or more, you are not naturalised automatically. More information and forms are available on our German web pages. That being said, there are a lot of expat citizens living in Germany. Key conditions include the ability to support oneself, mastery of the German language and proof of ties to Germany. A German friend with another matter before the BVA (getting permission to acquire US citizenship -- which took 12-14 months) told me: "My immigration lawyer told me that it is very counterproductive to ask or even push the BVA for status Information or expedited process. Those with a higher education degree in politics, law, or social sciences from a German university. This is not the case. Tenant rights in Ontario can limit and leave you liable if you misstep. If you agree to such data being collected, please activate the check mark before Statistics. I am married to a German national. German citizenship is attained at birth if at least one parent is German. For this reason, the request to retain German citizenship should always be made before requesting naturalization in another country. The BVA is the competent authority for such youngsters living abroad. For anyone living in Germany as a refugee, the process of applying for German citizenship by naturalization also applies. Both the vice consul who originally handled my case and a friend who used to work in another US consulate told me that the official estimates will always be very conservative (so that people don't get so upset about delays). And, I would not bother the BVA after only 8 months. Marrying a German citizendoesnt automatically entitle you to a German nationality. The German government will have to verify all the documents that you send in, they will for example contact the US military to confirm that your father never served. Am I German? Parents and legal guardians should apply for children aged under 16. In certain circumstances, refugees in Germany applying for citizenship may be able to get a reduction or waiver on the application fees. Read on to find out more about the following: Schlun & Elseven are a well-established law firm offering clear and professional legal advice for expats moving to Germany. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Fees may be reduced or completely waived in certain special cases. Were this the case, the descendants would have no right to German citizenship. Timing. Now they are considering to stop the process now and start over which might save time or just wait and see what the answer will be from the BVA. Many sales people will tell you what you want to hear and hope that you arent going to ask them to prove it.

Citizenship by descent refers to the by right of blood circumstance.

You can apply for German citizenship by descent through the BVA or the German embassy or consulate in your home country. You should do this within one month of receiving your decision. In general, you dont need to apply for citizenship by birth. In my case, I had a former Secretary of State, and my lawyer said dont do it, under no circumstances.". People living in Germany can contact their municipal administration or district office. Your child is therefore a permanent holder of dual nationality. An exception is the naturalization of people whose citizenship was revoked under the National Socialist regime, thereby restoring the German citizenship to which they are legally entitled. You are living abroad and you are in need of consular information? The process will be the same, and you will have to give up all previous citizenships. If it is, maybe you can have a German passport by June.

I think it's essentially impossible that he could have acquired some third citizenship, but the BVA might want more proof. I'm curious to hear any advice anyone might have about how to handle things with the BVA. For further advice, please contact the competent German mission covering your place of residence. The German Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt BVA), part of the German Ministry of the Interior and Community, (Bundesministerium des Innern und fr Heimat BMI), is in charge of citizenship in Germany. These include: You might want to get a German passport (Deutscher Reisepass) once you have your German citizenship. With the naturalisation certificate you can have a German identity card and a German passport issuedat your local Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt). It's more likely that you get a standardized reply e-mail, especially if you don't provide additional information or documents, and that's it. The application costs 255 for adults and 51 for children under 16 who apply along with their parent. How does our child receive German citizenship? There is no need to prove knowledge of the German language. If the BVA asks for any further documentation, I suspect it might be to prove this fact (i.e., the "negative" fact that he did not acquire some other citizenship, the most likely way he could have lost his German citizenship). They include: If you are required to prove your German language skills, you can attend a full integration course and obtain the DTZ certificate (German test for immigrants). Which authority is responsible for me in matters relating to citizenship? According to Destasis, there were 109,880 new grants of citizenship in Germany in 2020. Only the competent authorities in the other country can clarify whether that country allows multiple citizenship and under which conditions. Communication from the BVA will usually be forwarded to the applicant by the German Embassy Windhoek. Furthermore, you automatically lose your German citizenship in most cases when you apply for or obtain citizenship in another country. My clients come from a diverse background, some are new to the process and others are well seasoned. You will receive an assurance of naturalisation (Einbrgerungszusicherung) which you can submit to the consulate of your country of origin to apply to renounce your previous nationality. To make sure that you have all documents with you when you come to the Embassy or send it, we recommend to contact the Consular Section beforehand and present your case via e-mail: Contact the German Embassy Windhoek. Do you live abroad and want to apply for permission to retain German citizenship? If you hold German dual citizenship, you are still viewed as a German citizen, and have the same rights as any German citizen while you are living in Germany. now they are worried he'll have to start over again. Can I get my German citizenship back? The German Embassy Windhoek forwards the application to the BVA for processing. Background. My family lost all their records in a fire in Newfoundland and my grandparents have died. Currently, only children born in or after the year 2000 to long-term residents of Germany could or can under certain circumstances receive the German citizenship. A few people are exempt from taking the citizenship test. Children born to former German citizens do not acquire the German citizenship. birth, marriage, or adoption) and/or political, legal developments (such as collective naturalizations during World War II or the acquisition of a foreign nationality). Again let me know what you base your thoughts off of (speculation, experience etc) I'm open to hear what your opinion is :-). German passports are issued only to German citizens. Provided certain other conditions are met you have the right to naturalization after you have been legally resident in the Federal Republic of Germany for three years. As a general rule, the fee due when applying for naturalisation is 255.00. Can our child get German nationality? But when do you know when youve found everything you NEED? Germans who become naturalized citizens of another country lose their German citizenship unless they have received a retention permit prior to naturalization. that might backfire. You mentioned a bunch of documents that I doubt that they would be interested in.

I/my ancestors was/were denationalized by the National Socialists. This rule does not apply to Germans who receive the other citizenship by law (e.g. So, can anyone (who's done this recently) report how long the process took them?

Persons who were born in Germany before the year 2000 to non-German parents did not obtain German citizenship at the time of their birth and are not eligible for a German passport. In a recent thread here, one Redditor said their case took 22 months. Please enter your complete search term. For further advice and information, please contact the competent local German authority. In exceptional cases the naturalisation fee may be reduced or waived altogether. The fee payable for this is 51.00 euros.

When they are naturalized, they are granted citizenship through a decision of a public authority. Please enter your complete search term. Germans who acquire citizenship of another EU country or Switzerland. If by acquiring German nationality you automatically lose your previous nationality, or if it is impossible or deemed unacceptable to renounce it, there should be no further obstacle to your naturalisation. For more information, see our privacy policy. Usually, applications for establishment of the German citizenship are very complex and need many supporting documents. For children born before January 1st, 1975 to parents who were married to each other at the time of the birth, it was mandatory that the father was a German citizen at the time of the child's birth in order for the child to acquire the German citizenship. Youll need to provide the original and one photocopy of the following: As of 2012, all children must also have their own passports, which parents must apply for. However, if a child is born outside of Germany to a German parent, who was also born abroad after 1 January 2000 and hasnt returned to Germany, then the child cant be a German citizen by descent. Joining military forces of a country where you hold another citizenship without getting the permission of the German authorities. Be sure of your position before leasing your property. Please contact the Help Desk if you haven't found the answer to your question. You need to bring a form of ID on the test day. How do you know they would contact the US military to confirm someone's service? If you feel that you are a German citizen by birth but havent received your citizenship, you can contact the BVA, your local immigration office or the embassy of your home country in Germany. No suitable keywords found. However, if you choose to live in the country of your other citizenship you will lose your right to claim German consular protection and can only claim the services of the other country. The BVA is the competent authority with respect to naturalization as a German national and the establishment of German citizenship for people living abroad.

You have to answer at least 17 questions correctly to pass the test, and you can re-sit the test if you dont pass. I'm in a bit of a rush because I'm itching to move to Paris, and am trying to decide whether to just bite the bullet and apply for a French visa while waiting for my German citizenship to work itself out. Was that your personal experience?

If you are not married and only the father is a German national, the child only attains German citizenship if the father effectively recognizes his paternity according to German law. In such cases, a so-called negative certificate is issued. But a friend just got his citizenship (under the process for descendants of Jews and other stripped of their citizenship by the Third Reich) in about 18 months. You are asked to contact the competent agency of the other country in such cases (interior ministry or authorities or the foreign missions of the other country). Submit your request to the German Embassy or the competent consulate. The same conditions must be met, and refugees must also give up their home country citizenship. The BVA receives several tens of thousands of new applications worldwide every year, and still has a big backlog to work through. - Establishing German citizenship, Application for the establishment of German citizenship, Federal Office of Administration (Feststellungsverfahren). For further advice, please contact the competent authorities at your place of residence. Once your application has been verified and accepted, you will receive a notification from the naturalisation authorities statinghow you have toproceed next. Donate to the UN Refugee Agencytoday. My application took 10 months ending in 2016. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a young family, their full-service immigration team can provide dedicated assistance for every step of your relocation to Germany. As parents we are of different nationalities (one parent being a German national) and live abroad. You will have to demonstrate that you still have close ties to Germany. There is no way to predict how long it will take the BVA to verify *your* documents bc that depends upon the agencies and government bodies they will need to contact. There is no fee for this application. In principle it is possible for former Germans to be renaturalized. Future plans, financial benefits and timing can be huge factors in approach. It usually takes three to six weeks to receive your new passport. German citizenship means youll be able to live in Germany indefinitely. Of course, I don't recommend pestering the BVA for updates every week. This means that a German citizen who voluntarily applies for and accepts a foreign nationality on principle loses the German nationality automatically. To receive a certified copy, you may send us an informal request via e-mail to To determine whether or not you might be eligible for a German passport, research in your family history may be necessary. Nevertheless it is examined whether the German nationality of the ancestor could have been lost for reasons unrelated to National Socialism. Your digging led you this far, but let me prove my worth and ask for references! If you are eligible for German citizenship in this way, you must decide between the ages of 18-23 whether you want to retain your German citizenship or that of your parents.