Love, family, kindness, loyalty, sacrifice- traits and bonds hed not deemed as very important were stronger and more important than anything. The movies could not have done a better job destroying Ron as a character with any positive traits or meaningful actions that weren't a) dumb b) selfish c) following the other two around.

Rons romantic feelings for Hermione had grown too strong for even him to ignore, while his worry that she preferred Harry went into overdrive. He finds him fascinating and definitely had him up on a pedestal.

Congratulations, youre setting up a Siberian Trap!.

It was before my time, but I want to be as true to that as I can. He takes advantage of them arguing and gets his wand back, but loses his fingernails. Someones leg caught on his elbow and they let out a small cry of surprise as they tripped over him.

*, The Night Ron leaves- Cresswell tells the group of how he was caught and escaped. We saw it in Rons eyes when he peered into the Mirror of Erised, finally standing tall and alone above his peers and his family, yearning for his own moment. He has been on the run since this escape for 6 or 7 weeks. Pottermore looks back at the moments that made our favourite characters so memorable. In fact, he gets so fed up with the lack of progress (and a perception that Harry and Hermione are leaving him out/possibly in love) that he leaves them.

Rons open/easy to access heart became a target of the Lockets- but Albuss faith in the young mans loyalty and love for the other two came shining through, quite literally. Ron might have been the joker of the group, but his easygoing demeanour masked someone who was constantly fighting off insecurities. I've seen posts on what Harry's personality would be like if he weren't so traumatized from the get-go, and I'm wondering about how Ron's personality would change if he didn't have Molly and Arthur in his life (or even his siblings)! Well even JKR herself said she felt the attraction in the tent scene (in the film) and that it was a sort of reminder of what could possible have been between Hermione and Harry. Wizarding World is the new official home of Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts. He started to see, far too late, the merit in people unlike himself- they were not only useful, but sometimes far more powerful than he could ever hope to have been.

For the title and ship post, "Paper Airplane" with rarry? , they were spending many evenings in near silence. Hermione ensured that she would not be able to return to her muggle family by casting the memory charm. Ron overcomes his demons by literally fighting whatever evil thing Voldemort has hidden in the Horcrux to protect it from destruction. deathly hallows epilogue draco Sure he loved to laze about, but itd be with the knowledge he could do anything he liked later. The horcrux by itself wasn't enough to cause Ron to leave, but it did compound his fears enough for him to doubt himself and his relationships and flee. He seems to think she's beyond anything he could offer and he's too wrapped up in his own inner grief. Hermes Granger had never been a popular child growing up. I think one of the only teachers who actively thinks of Ron much, besides Hagrid or Lupin, is McGonagall. You are amazing, and I am not worthy!!! :).

First **what do you think about Ron's leaving, why did he do it? His plans could unfold in time, and all would eventually be well.

He read over it again, but there were no clues he could follow.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. No one mentions him escaping from Dawlish at the ministry. The night Ron leaves Harry and Hermione, they are listening in on Dirk, Ted, the Goblins and Dean.

Im kind of all over the place on fandom things (art, fic, headcanons, occasional Rps) so glad you like my stuff! I haven't come across anything like that.

However, Ron would feel like shit after leaving Hermione and Harry, and he would probably feel like he was no longer worthy of anyone. He also couldnt help but notice the way his mother doted on Harry: Your mother confessed, sneered Riddle-Harry, while Riddle-Hermione jeered, that she would have preferred me as a son, would be glad to exchange

Learn more about Reddits use of cookies. Hes VERY tall, athletic, and thin. Lets look at the Dirk Cresswell timeline: September 2nd- Runcorn has recently told the ministry about Cresswells Muggle lineage, and this news is all around the ministry. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He gets a negligible amount of both for however long he is with Hermione and Harry*. His ears began to burn as a few people laughed at him. In the films, there's the dancing scene. He wishes he could know someone like R in real life, instead of just being alone all the time. That would put Rons leaving, at absolute minimum, around Oct 14th or 21st. He wasnt very good at remembering the names for the different strategies, but he was good at executing them.

Im moving out my knight to F6, Ron replied, watching as the piece moved into the place. Ron's family was more a less on the frontlines while they were away in a tent while everybody they know was fighting their battle. And i cant wrap my mind around how he thought sg is goin on between Hermione and Harry. Years went by- and Harrys firm connection to the Weasleys was so ingrained that Ron Weasley had become quite necessary to all their plans, somehow. If Harry were lost, hed find help wherever he went.

BIG, GIANT, HUMONGOUS THANKS TO @diva-gonzo- for being so kind and being my beta/editor for this! You've been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, Xenophilius Lovegood and Luna Lovegood (Rhys Ifans and Evanna Lynch), Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter), Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, and Draco Malfoy (Helen McCrory, Jason Isaacs, Tom Felton), Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody (Brendan Gleeson), Fred Weasley and George Weasley (James Phelps and Oliver Phelps).

It would take extremely strong adults to fight through all that without having any doubts, and we are talking about 17 year olds! They each take a shift sitting in that weather at night.

I guess it goes back to his upbringing in the fact that he was Ferberized. As it always happened, Dumbledores plans would always be foiled by his own indulgence in personal happiness, and his gall to think he could ever be trusted with something as grand as being the master of death. He was too tempted by the ring, and was cursed to die on a timeline other than his own.

Standing next to the cleverest witch of her age and the Boy Who Lived would leave most people feeling insignificant.

Cresswell could have immediately been caught as soon as Runcorn reported him. None of this is edified.

I decided to do some digging in the books to make out the timeline on when Ron left Harry and Hermione in Deathly Hallows.

Where was he supposed to get that sort of money? He also is lucky he didnt get a complication from it worse than he did.

They continued and Ron quickly won the game.

I get he is jealous and insecure but He knows that Harry was in love with someone else (Cho then Ginny) all time, and He never noticed Hermione that way. every twelve hours or so they passed the Horcrux between them., 'as the days stretched into weeks, harry began to suspect that ron and hermione were having conversation without, and about, him.

What could have happened to Ron with the Snatchers? I think a LOT of it would depend on who he grows up with instead. The taller and more muscled you are, the more fuel you need to keep going and maintain your muscle mass. This relationship clearly faded a strain when Ron left, and he had no idea what happened in the tent between Hermione and Harry after he departed. Even someone like fucking Neville was leading the "resistance" at Hogwarts. The patient will begin to experience mental distress, including anxiety and agitation. Lavender pressed herself into his back so hard his quill pierced the paper. Encased in the locket, Voldemorts soul fragment had been eating away at his mind, whispering terrible thoughts that he couldnt dismiss. hogsmeade correctly potterhood giving Having nothing to do in a hospital wing was a different thing altogether. He then does not take time to heal at all. I'm not sure if this has been explored yet, but how do you picture an AU where, instead of Harry being the orphaned Chosen One, it was Ron?

Lets look at how his injury and symptoms are described: Looks very much like the symptoms for hypovolemic shock to me.

The two of them were of the same make, and of the same mind. To make matters worse, the slow stream of news the trio received about the order's movements while they were on the run created a constant trickle of reminders about the danger that the Weasley family was facing. And hey, just in time for pride month! He already had insecurities, and paranoia he tried to push aside and the locket warped his mind insanely with dark magic. Ron left because of the horcrux. It's sort of a swap AU that I haven't really seen others discuss. Eventually, in a shocking move, he abandoned his friends. From a young age he was bright, capable, and driven. He would not be able to oversee his slow unfurling plans.

He is bleeding profusely so that blood drenched the whole of Rons left side. And thats just seconds after landing in the forrest. Unless tricked into feeling confident, Ron would buckle under pressure and play poorly, despite showing himself to be a highly talented Keeper. He did this because he valued his friends far too dearly to succumb to jealousy. Ron beamed.

So Hermione, an unathletic woman of average height (to see my break down of heights see this post), would have a higher amount of body fat to survive off of. Again, I dont think this is canon- but I think its an interesting speculation that would be well within Rons character to cover up.

Her hair was in a wild state that made his pulse rush, and she was biting at her lip as she finished writing. So I think its more realistic to say he left in November, most likely a few weeks in, in order for Hermione to not have rounded up to months. Hes been gone since well before Dec 1st because winter begins that day, and its still autumn when he leaves. He thinks to himself hes only reading the letter to figure out who it is and make them stop sending letters, but actually its just that he loves hearing what R has to say. While I feel like the horcrux had a lot to do with Ron's departure, I think that the horcrux really only exacerbated Ron's pre existing insecurities. Hed wish for things to happen impossible poetic vengeful things, as we all are wont to do when someone is being particularly cruel or unjust and a lot of the time they would happen. When youre in survival conditions, muscle mass, body type and fat on your body can really be a big factor in your ability to weather starvation conditions of low calories, inadequate shelter, and possible dehydration. Hermes wished someone would pour paint in something Philip liked, and then a horrible accident happened in art class- a whole wall of paint cans tipped over and covered Philip, and only Philip, head to toe in paint.

animagus quiz Word was youd been caught., I was, said Dirk. Trigger warnings:character being outted, homophobia, internalized homophobia. Nice to have a bit of company., Im surprised to run into you.

The next day they run into dementors at the village. On September 2nd no one says Cresswell has been captured/arrested or otherwise. He needs food and rest to get his strength back. This is contextualizing what happened if we were to apply what we know of the real-world conditions they were under, and how that affected them all, but especially, Ron. Theyre fine- nothing to write home about. Something from Dumbledore's point of view when he is deciding to leave Ron the Deluminator. Black was dead, Harry was losing himself to hate, and Albus had stupidly tried to isolate the boy a whole year and ignore the hurt he housed. His relationship with his family, Harry, and Hermione made him the weaker of the three through no fault of his own and he left when the going got tough because he did not acknowledge all of the difficulties the trio would be facing before they departed.