He boomed him on a block as well was sick, Giannis really spent all year watching people say Jokic, Steph, KD and Embiid were the best players on the planet while everyone forgot about the Bucks lmao dude is still the most unguardable player in the nba. Kofi Kingston would never travel. But if you don't take your two steps after picking up your dribble, you don't get them later on.

This is literally how layups work homie, you take another step. But I think at the end of the day, we did a good job just like taking our time and finding the people that we want to go at and then just play out of it.. If he can get 2 more championships Id say hes top 5. - 6x All-Def

As a defender, you always learn to guard folks differently after they pick up their dribble because they can't move their pivot foot. So if the rule changed, it was more than 10 years ago.

You're allowed to move around your non pivot foot, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of a pivot foot. That's the travel. If I were watching the ball, its clear. Posts: 924,488 | Because throwing it on backboard is not a shot unless its blocked. Found an interesting story courtesy of TrueHoop.

Sometimes, I just gotta shoot the jump shot thats in front of me. Yeah that's still not a travel because it counts as apart of the shot. I'm not a bucks fan but 50pts to seal the championship when he really needed them all, totally making everyone forget he's bad at free throws by getting them all, that's legendary stuff, Though I think we haven't seen his last ring anyway, so maybe it's moot. His head was also level with the rim on a STANDING jump. You'll be able to discuss sports with users around the world and discuss events in real time! They didnt give it to him - thanks for the info! So its a legal move now. Giannis was in a tussle with Celtics' forward Grant Williams before driving into the paint with the score a healthy 92-78 to the Bucks. Giannis explained: "I had the ball and I was like, 'Oh crap, I'm going to get stuck.

Antetokounmpo has to have a standing reach of, like, 96 for this photo to be possible, I think. https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2022/05/07222857/8q7wde_1.mp4, https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2022/05/07225342/phi6ah_1.mp4, https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2022/05/07230326/8vowez_1.mp4, https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2022/05/07233520/vpz1aj_1.mp4, https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2022/05/08000341/8441yd_1.mp4. It explicitly states in the rule book that it's not a self pass if the ball hits the backboard, the rim or a teammate.

If you simply hit the backboard, it's not considered a "shot" and you will be called travel if you catch it (since both your are off the ground). Just when Williams thought he knew what to expect, Antetokounmpo did something different. Hes so great just being mentally strong, even aside from all the on-court, statistical things he does, said Lopez, who had a 13-point, 10-rebound performance. Even with a 9'7" reach, he'd need a 41 inch vert to touch it. Hes such a joy to watch. Perfectly clean play. How is a 6'11" beast of a man also this adorable? Theres the legendary story about 60 Earl the Goat Manigault making change off the top of the backboard which stands at 13 feet. What about that rookie who has a 9'7" standing reach? I don't pay a ton of attention to the pros now a days like I used to, but he reminds me a lot of KG back in the day. MultiVersus Roster: Who is in MultiVersus Character Roster? And it also says that you need to complete that pass or shot before your foot comes back into contact with the ground.

But it was a play in the fourth quarter with just over six minutes left to play that had the Bucks bench standing in disbelief. You're allowed to pivot as long as you stay on your initial pivot foot. - 6x All-NBA If he drops the ball while in the air, he may not be the first to touch the ball. kobe had several going back to the shaq days, T-mac himself did it in-game in orlando https://youtu.be/yRSeXiAPZiw?t=73, The argument is that he travelled before he threw it to himself. If I were watching his feet, travel. Just do what I do with Cricket and stick to the ESPN Highlights.

And Antetokounmpo attacked him relentlessly. Theyre wrong. Wholesome AF, I love the multiple double takes after sipping at it. Absolutely youre allowed to move that left foot and place it as many times as youd like as long as the pivot foot remains in place. He didnt though. You have demonstrated your own complete lack of knowledge of the NBAs rules. Required fields are marked *.

He struggled with that Tuesday, but four days later, Antetokounmpo attacked those same matchups with far greater patience and used his skill rather than his strength. Dude left out the most important rule: if the play looks fuckin awesome, dont call anything ya nerd.

nice read thatbogut could probably pull that off, yep. The art of the pivot foot is long gone, That's a travel. Does it count as only a rebound? I remember back forever ago tmac did it in an all star game and they specifically made it a big deal that if it was a normal game, it would have been called. He did a step through, same like this one by Jokic. Sometimes, theyre gonna back up. College Player of The Year? When asked Dwight said, I can. https://youtu.be/WJz73ciI_hA. First off, not only was that a myth but its a mistaken identity myth that even Earl admitted while filming the movie Rebound. The man the myth is about is actually Jumping Jackie Jackson not the Goat but the producers of the movie and everybody else liked the version with Earl better. And its a bit upsetting that youre not willing to see the other perspective. They went from being great to being aliens. You dont know whats going to happen, Antetokounmpo explained after the game. Boston has another home game on Wednesday evening to try and level before heading to Milwaukee on Saturday. Here is a photo of Giannis Antetokounmpo holding onto the rim and touching the ground at the same time: GIANNIS IS TOUCHING THE GROUND AND THE RIM AT THE SAME TIME pic.twitter.com/72jCGlP869. Sometimes, we feel like we want that advantage, so we switched some of the guys who we felt Giannis had the best advantage against and, from there, he can playmake and do what he does, Holiday explained.

g. A player may not be the first to touch his own pass unless the ball touches his back- board, basket ring or another player. But after they went chest-to-chest, Antetokounmpo did not try to get all the way to the rim; he stopped, protected the ball and took a short push shot over the top of Williams, a shot reminiscent of the one he hit over Kevin Durant in overtime of Game 7 of the Bucks second-round series last season. Last 7 days: 383. see for yourself. You must be a registered and logged in user to create a new topic. Travels happen like 20x a game. I tried to find Antetokounmpos standing reach, but it doesnt appear that the information is online. It was just done so smoothly that it passes the test for most. PS: I know next to nothing about basketball, but the arguments in the comments got me curious to check the rules. pic.twitter.com/fkbfmwcXZg, Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) August 27, 2018. He knows he's got to do both. Section XIII, rule D for the pivot foot, rule F and G for the backboard pass/shot: f. A player who attempts a field goal may not be the first to touch the ball if it fails to touch the backboard, basket ring or another player. Stop being an asshole. I appreciate you for the time you took to clarify this and back up your claim. Copyright 2017 The League Theme. He gets 2 attempts, one hit, one miss and a rebound. He picked up his dribbled and then lost his povot foot. An Australian basketball forum covering NBL, WNBL, ABL, Juniors plus NBA, WNBA, NZ, Europe, etc | The best player in world right now. Your email address will not be published. Hakeem's Dream Shake from the 90's against David Robinson is another good example of this, it's just good footwork and knowledge of the rules. Feel like Im taking crazy pills reading everyone trying to explain why its not a travel. Forum time is: 6:16 am, Fri 22 Jul 2022 | so if you catch it in mid-stride with one foot down, you get two more. More often than not, that player ended up being Jaylen Brown. FIFA 23 Release Date: When is FIFA 23 Coming Out?

Ballislife.com is your 1 stop shop for everything basketball! Its a travel in high school and college and I remember back forever ago tmac did it in an all star game and they specifically made it a big deal that if it was a normal game, it would have been called. His one ring is pretty excellent imo. How about 611 Dwight Howard who once stuck a sticker of his face at 12 feet during the NBA Dunk Contest. I know when I see it, Probably the most likeable star I can think of. Touching the top of the backboard with ease. Yet itd be hard to debate that any college athlete is more ready to bring the NBA Slam Dunk Contest back from the dead than Williamson, who possesses terrorizing athleticism and freakish air time. In 2012 man touched the top of the backboard.

It's a missed travel call. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x43c6a_james-white-nearly-touches-top-of-g_sport#.Uduc2G0z-E4.

He missed, but Robert Williams tipped the ball away from Brook Lopez and Portis, who had pinned the ball to the backboard to try to corral it. He took one step from his pivot foot being placed. shit I guess every airball and block does not count as a shot. Today, Im going to drive the ball. This will never get called, and this is pretty consistent with the norm now. The one man I thought would be able to pull this off was James Flight White who is able to do a between the legs dunk from the free throw line. I think plastic is more soluble than glass and thus a little less air-tight and more likely to mix ever so slightly? They'll have to find another way to contain Antetokounmpo at both ends of the court, with Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer delighted with his overall contribution.

Because its not a travel, that's how. The charges against Miles Bridges and how the NBA Domestic Violence policy works, NBA Summer Leagues 13 best rookies in 2022, ranked, NBA Summer League: Keegan Murray named MVP of Las Vegas Summer League, Reality dawns on Kyrie Irving front: He may not be going anywhere soon or at all. Yea, I was agreeing that it was legal. My personal favorite part about him is that he is just genuinely a good dude as well as one of the best players in the NBA. Isaacs' restaurant rules.and no, I wasn't going to mention the white powdery stuff. Photodegradation is one issue. best part of the article"Okay, maybe I was being pessimistic when I said there was no reason to go further. With 4.6 seconds remaining in Game 3 on Saturday, Celtics guard Marcus Smart went to the line for two free throws with his team down three points. I would have been called for traveling if i did that. Based on Section I (a) - an argument can be made that it is the offensive backboard. - Most Improved Player of the Year even the gather part isn't that complicated. He could have dribbled again and thats legal too.