Copyright 2022 LATTC. | Choice 2: Ofrecemos esta prueba en espaol, ingls y francs. Yes. Much like water quality issues, if the boundaries of the waste disposal site are not carefully controlled, substances can percolate through the soil entering into the natural environment.

More questions? The majority of effects witnessed on human health are a result of the effects discussed on the environment. Another feature being employed at an increasing number of landfills is a methane gas capture system. This option lets you see all course materials, submit required assessments, and get a final grade. Moving up the scale a little bit, municipalities are focused on proper MSWM to extend the lifetime of the expensive landfills they own and operate by separating out all the recyclable materials. Incineration is the controlled burning of municipal solid waste to reduce the volume and in some cases generated electricity from the generated heat. Municipalities that separate their waste at the point of collection into categories like recyclables, organics and waste have higher Diversion Rates than those who do not. While this doesnt happen very often in developed countries with comprehensive waste management plans, in some parts of the developing world this is still common practice. Veuillez choisir votre langue prfre et rpondre un seul des trois quiz. Many thanks to the instructors for inspiring videos. Over the past century there has been a mass migration of individuals and communities from rural environments to centralized urban landscapes like towns or cities. Not only does managing municipal waste protect our natural resources, it also has many economical benefits as well. Sitemap, Protect the integrity of the Los Angeles Community College District by reporting improper activity today to the Whistleblower Hotline at 1-800-851-3699 or see the This would significantly reduce the amount of landfill space required and greenhouse gas emissions, while creating a nutrient-rich end fertilizer product that can be used by the city, or purchased by its residents creating a source of revenue. The most common form of resource recovery is recycling. As energy prices continue to rise, and space available for municipal landfills is reduced, incineration will continue to become a larger and more appealing option for growing municipalities. At the end of document will be a short summary multiple-choice test to ensure you grasp the concepts within. The cost, in both dollars and energy, to acquire, process and reintegrate recycled materials is quite often smaller than using raw input.

It would be great for this to broaden discussion on plastic waste management as this is a growing topic. Connectez-vous avec vos collgues et dcouvrez les modules bonus la fin de la semaine. As global waste generation continues to increase with the rise of populations and increasing spending power of less-developed countries, landfill space will continue to shrink, greenhouse gas emissions related to the manufacturing and transportation of virgin products will continue to rise and more municipal resources will have to be dedicated to the proper management and disposal of waste. 2022 edX LLC. Week 5: Policies, Institutions, and the Informal Sector. Learn about technological innovations and the role of informal workers and women in the sector; become aware of a shift in thinking of waste as a resource to be managed, and not simply disposed of. Large urban municipalities with high population densities may not have the land resources to have a landfill or recycling facility within their boundaries. Recycled tire rubber can be used for many purposes such as an aggregate fill in types of pavement, and even creating porous driveway stones that help mitigate surface water runoff. No need to complete the quizzes in other languages. If the municipality has a very large population spread out over a large area it may not be feasible to collect all the waste on one-day, leading to a very large fleet and waste collection schedule. Learn about financial aspects of various technologies including capex, opex, and cost recovery; learn about various funding mechanisms for establishing SMW projects. This course provides you with an overview of the municipal solid waste management situation in low- and middle-income countries. The ideal method for disposing of organic wastes is to utilise some form of composting. The source separated materials are then collected and brought to a processing or resource recovery facility where they can be cleaned, broken down and reintegrated into the raw materials system. Use basic mathematical operations to solve entry level solid waste calculations and measurements. In particular, the urban poor are most affected by lack of access to basic SWM services, such as waste collection and disposal. With many obvious and glaring inefficiencies, such as the unsustainable production of plastics and other non-recyclable products, it is becoming increasingly obvious that in the near future, the waste management industry is going to see a shake-up. This large gap between new and recycled materials represents a system and infrastructure that has large areas of improvement, which the principle of Circular Economy aims to address. We do not share information about your use of our site with any advertising companies. If you don't see the audit option: What will I get if I purchase the Certificate? You can also call the office line at 213-763-7063 or email, Los Angeles Trade Technical College When food and yard waste decompose, they release the nutrients and minerals held within back into the soil, however, all these materials are basically lost and locked away within the landfill as there is no farming operations or other processes on a landfill to take advantage of them. By using specific practices and processes to safely breakdown organic waste in a controlled environment we can reduce the gas emissions, divert the organic material from entering the landfill and return the precious nutrients and minerals back into useable soil and compost to create a closed-loop cycle. Explicaremos cules son las diferentes partes interesadas o involucradas, y sus funciones y responsabilidades, as como los asuntos de carcter legislativo y los mecanismos financieros. In addition to a rigorous site selection process, landfills employ many safety measures to help contain the materials buried within to protect human health and the environment, one of which is a leachate collection system. In contrast, if the population is relatively small in a rural community where all generators are spread out, a waste collection contract might not be the most economical or efficient method of collection. The following are a few methods of final waste disposal. There is a growing number of companies who are dedicated to collecting disposed electronics, separating all the materials within and salvaging the more expensive metals for resale, this unique form of recycling allows manufacturers to purchase back materials that were used to make old products, to reintegrate them into new products, reducing the volume of materials that need to be mined from the earth. The municipality must look within its collection region and decide on the best method of separation based on the types of waste generated and the treatment and disposal options available to them. Gain a solid understanding of core concepts of SWM, with a focus on municipal solid waste (MSW), and the importance of the sector on economic development and environmental protection, Evaluate various technology options based on the financial, technical, and operational capacities of each technology and treatment/disposal options, Distinguish between infrastructure (capex) and operations and maintenance (opex) costs, as related to various technologies, and gain insight into cost recovery methods; learn about various funding mechanisms to establish SMW projects, Examine various policy options at national and local levels to determine what would be most suitable given individual country and city scenarios and learn how institutions and coordination can improve service delivery and financial performance of the sector, Gain awareness of technological innovations in the sector, the key role of informal workers and women (particularly in low- and middle-income countries), and the changing perceptions of the waste sector towards resource management, Familiarize and apply solutions for improvement in the sector, while learning from practical examples and case studies. Once garbage leaves our homes and offices and factories, do we really consider what happens to it, whos collecting it, or what impact its having on our environment and our health? Visit our Public Relations page to get in touch with us. This week provides you with an overview on organic waste treatment. As a result, there are still millions of tonnes of decomposing organic waste found in landfills contributing to greenhouse gas emissions on a constant basis. But in most cases, improper management can lead to significant air, water and soil contamination issues. When bio-plastics are comingled with non-biodegradable plastics, it can contaminate the entire load of materials, rendering it all waste. As you can imagine, the comingling of hundreds of tonnes of municipal waste can create quite a bit of nasty liquid called leachate. 3.1 Overview of Biowaste Treatment Technologies, 5.1 Integrating biowaste management through strategic planning, Salesforce Sales Development Representative, Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Architect, Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Data Engineer. It covers key elements of the waste management system, such as its technical, environmental, social, financial and institutional aspects. Phone (213) 763-7000 - Fax (213) 763-5393, Campus Map A dump is one of the most rudimentary forms of waste disposal, generally consisting of a large valley, hole, mine or gulley in which residents simply dump their waste into. By developing more efficient practices and technologies to better separate undesirables from recyclable waste stream, the end product can have a greater economic value and be of better use to the recycling industry. Hospitals, educational facilities, prisons government centers etc. As a result, collection vehicles may be required to pick up all the waste and drop them off at a transfer station where the waste can be loaded up into larger transportation vehicles and brought to the nearest landfill. The management of Municipal Solid Waste is a process that has an incredibly large amount of moving parts, as a result of this the planning and implementation phase of developing a large-scale waste management plan are critical. Upon completing the course, your electronic Certificate will be added to your Accomplishments page - from there, you can print your Certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile. As of now, the globally traded recycled plastic trade only accounts for approximately 5% (15Mt) of the annually manufactured new plastic products, with China responsible for 59% of all waste plastic imports. Organics, paper, cardboard, textiles, metals, glass, hazardous wastes (paints, batteries, cleaners), yard waste, wood. Recycling facilities are very effective at what they do, through a combination of manual and mechanical sorting they are able to separate comingled recyclables with a very high degree of accuracy. As an example, the following chart displays common recycling identifier codes for plastic materials; Since 1950, global production of plastics has increased from 1.5 million tonnes (Mt) to over 280 Mt. This process reduces the amount of raw petroleum based materials necessary for manufacturing, and significantly reduces the amount of energy required to manufacture products using recycled inputs instead of virgin materials. A circular economy aims to achieve zero waste generation through the efficient and sustainable design of materials, products, businesses and systems. We then continue with technologies that are currently less common in practice: vermicomposting, waste processing using black soldier fly larvae, and thermochemical conversion. There are a few forms of waste incineration, the most common of which for municipalities is the moving grate incinerator where a large grate filled with solid waste passes over the burners which are kept around 1000C to ensure adequate breakdown of materials. This change in waste generation needs a system in place for its proper collection, management and disposal, and while every municipality waste management plan may have slight variations, for the most part the overall framework is the same.

Nous expliquerons les diffrents acteurs et leurs rles et responsabilits ainsi que les questions lgislatives et les mcanismes financiers. ******************** SEMANA 2 - ASPECTOS DE LA GOBERNANZA DE LA GESTIN DE LOS RESIDUOS SLIDOS: Esta semana se centra en los aspectos de la gobernanza, los tambin llamados aspectos "blandos" de un sistema de gestin municipal de residuos slidos. During the last week, the modules will focus more on strategic and planning aspects of MSWM. Describe the solid waste stream and the treatment processes and process control strategies. Single and Multi-residential housing, apartment complexes, cottages and trailers etc. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is the unwanted or discarded solid waste generated by residential, industrial, commercial and institutional organizations within a municipality. Extensive technological advances have been made to reduce the amount of atmospheric pollutants and contaminants emitted from incinerators, reducing them to negligible levels according to the U.K Health Protection Agency, in addition, heat capture systems have made incinerators quite an effective energy producer. Week 6: Circular Economy and Innovations in the SWM Sector. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use this feature. Social Media Directory Chemical and hazardous wastes, industrial materials, scrap metals, construction and demolition materials. We will explain the different stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities as well as legislative issues and financial mechanisms. If you are having trouble understanding the content in this course, or you wish to learn more about the topic, please refer to the reference section to explore additional resources available to explain in greater detail. Veuillez choisir votre langue prfre et rpondre un seul des trois quiz. | Choice 2: Ofrecemos esta prueba en espaol, ingls y francs. 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90015 Apprenez-en plus sur l'impact de la gestion des dchets solides sur l'environnement, comment amliorer la situation de la gestion des dchets dans votre communaut ou votre ville, et comment le thme des dchets solides est abord par les objectifs de dveloppement durable de l'ONU. You may recall that approximately 30% of all waste deposited in a landfill is organic in nature, and that when it breaks down it releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. We offer this quiz in English, French and Spanish. The phrase out of sight, out of mind holds true for many of us when it comes to waste issues.

Landfill gas capture systems retrieve the methane from the ground before emission and direct it towards a flaring system where the methane is burned off reducing its effectiveness as a global warming contributor. View up-to-date local employment statistics, job postings and wage estimates, Build and update your rsum to highlight your key skills and job experience. This also means that you will not be able to purchase a Certificate experience. Select the Current Student button above to unlock the pathway. Understand the steps in the solid waste management chain; examine appropriate methods of MSW treatment, recycling, and disposal; understand processes and costs for various steps from collection to disposal; learn about key issues in operation and maintenance of treatment and disposal facilities, and the value of products from treatment and the value of proper disposal; gain insight into financial, technical, and operational capacities of technologies along the chain. These materials when deposited in a landfill breakdown through natural processes and release a harmful greenhouse gas called methane, which has 22x a greater Global Warming potential then carbon dioxide. Low-Income regions around the world can spend upwards of 90% of their budget on collection alone. The toxic conglomeration of substances found within a landfill can have many types of harmful chemicals and heavy metals that can hinder the healthy development of natural vegetation. For example, a municipality that has an abundance of manufacturing and industrial facilities within its boundaries may need chemical treatment facilities, or hazardous storage options for waste generated during manufacturing processes. Solid waste is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Visit the Learner Help Center. Week 1: Overview of Solid Waste Management. Not only does landfilling of organic waste contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases, it also removes valuable minerals and nutrients from natural processes.

After a course session ends, it will be. In addition, the escaping leachate has the capacity to significantly alter the pH of the soil, disrupting the natural environment of the microorganisms that contribute to healthy soil. Whistleblower Info PDF | Choice 3: Nous offrons ce quiz en franais, anglais et espagnol.

Imagine the incredible diversity of waste within a landfill from batteries, leftover cleaning supplies, organic wastes, diapers and so many more. Comenzaremos con las nociones bsicas de dos tecnologas de tratamiento de residuos orgnicos muy comunes: el compostaje y la digestin anaerbica. About Cookies, List of Pathway Programs All Academic Programs. If you only want to read and view the course content, you can audit the course for free. Work in dealerships or repair shops or start your own business.

13,555 already enrolled! All rights reserved.| ICP17044299-2. This course is very well designed and easy to understand because of dedicated and experience personnel who are delivering the content. This production level is unprecedented and unsustainable as the primary material or plastics are petroleum and oil based, in order to minimize the environmental impact plastics must be reintegrated back into the economy through recycling whenever possible. Student Rights, Conflicts, and Compliance, 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90015, Whistleblower Website for BuildLACCD Projects. The week covers special waste fractions, such as hazardous waste, healthcare waste, e-waste, plastic waste and construction and demolition waste. By rethinking how we can use waste, we can redesign practices, processes and infrastructure to better accommodate the reintegration of recyclable products back into the economy for future use. When will I have access to the lectures and assignments? There are many options available to municipalities for waste disposal and some of them are much more environmentally friendly then others, but like most other parts of the MSWM plan, each region may have different options and requirements for disposal. There are methods of mitigating the release of methane that are implemented in many waste treatment sites, and will be discussed later in this program.